‘And Yet, You Are So Sweet’ Film Casts Joined By Yumena Yanai: The next year is full of many fascinating movies and anime series which will make your year more fascinating in advance. Many announcements have already done and few are in the lineup, anyways let’s talk about the recent announcement that happened on Wednesday, 19th October 2022. As per the report, the official and real website for the live-action movie “And Yet, You Are So Sweet” by Kujira Anan manga disclosed that Yumena Yanai became part of the cast and she will be seen playing the role of Hlna a high school girl and an admirer of Chigira. Keep on reading to know more about it.

Yumena Yanai

And Yet, You Are So Sweet’ Film Casts

The website also discloses the other star cast of the film the role of Sui Chigira. Apart from these main characters, Riko plays the role of Chika Obara, and Rihito Itagaki plays the role of Soma Tezuka. The star cast of this movie is really exciting adding more people who are desperate to watch them on the screen. Now after the star casts people to want to know the release date of the upcoming film.

Release Date Of And Yet, You Are So Sweet

As per the reports, the film will be scheduled to release in the country of Japan on Friday, 3rd March 2023. However, it is not known when this film will release to an international audience. The makers presently only share the details of the release in Japan but we are assuming that after watching the success of the film the makers will decide to release it on an international platform. Just hope for the best.

Talking about the direction of the film, as per the reports, this film is constructed under the direction of the director Takehiko Shinjo and the responsibility for the script writing is in the hands of Haruka Okita. The distributor of the movie is Shochiku. The reports further added that Kodansha USA Publishing licensed the manga and is launching it digitally. The firm explains the manga as:

The 16-years-old, Maaya Kisaragi, ultimately confessed to her crush… solely to be unequivocally ridiculed and rejected on social media after. In order to make the circumstances worse, the most famous boy in her grade named Chigira-kun eavesdropped on her disheartened murmuring about the entire thing. Surprisingly, instead of making jokes about her, the boy tries to comfort her… and put forward a different and weird solution to her anguish! So just wait for its release, till then users can watch some other fascinating series and films.


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