Anime: Banished From The Heroes’ Party Season 2 Release Date and Time: Most of the time the 2nd season of any series or movie creates after watching the success of the 1st season. Apart from it sometimes the demand for the scripts also instigates the creators to invest their money and time in the 2nd season of any franchise. Well, whatever the reason is the fans are always happy to get the 2nd season of the show. This time as well, the staff or crew for the TV anime of Yasumo and Zappon’s title “Banished From The Heroes’ Party” light novel series declared on Monday, 31st October 2022 that a 2nd season has been in the line-up.

Banished From The Heroes' Party Season 2

Banished From The Heroes’ Party Season 2 Release Date

Yasumo, Zappon, the director of the 1st season was Makoto Hoshino, Ruriko Watanabe plays the role of character designer, Megumi Shimizu is in the position of series script supervisor, main cast, and Masahiro Ikeno the artist of the manga adaptation uploaded messages commemorating the news. This light novel is also available in the English language to read and is published by Yen Press which also explains the tale of the series.

Storyline Of The Light Novel

Red (a character) was once part of the party of Hero, which is a powerful and strong group doomed in order to save the globe from the evil or the bad forces of Taraxon which is a Raging Demon Lord. Later on, one of his companions throws him out of the group. In the hope of living a good and easy life on the border, the new aim of Red is to open a Pharmacist. Though, in order to keep the secret of his ex or previous life things will not be easy as he thinks it. Particularly when the beautiful and gorgeous Rit, a charlatan from his past life, views up and offers to come along with him! What will be his decision of him? To know that you need to read or watch it.

The 1st season of the light novel was directed by Makoto Hoshino at Studio Flad and Wolfsbane. The in charge of the series of scripts is Megumi Shimizu. The designer of the anime characters was Ruriko Watanbe. The 1st season of the series was streamed on Funimation and it was telecasted in Japan last year. At present, streaming service Crunchyroll is airing the 1st season. The author Zappon started serializing the tale on the website named “Shōsetsuka ni Nārō” in the month of October 2017. On the website, the storyline is still released.


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