Anime: Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 1 Release Date and Time: Anime is one of the most-watched series which is popular among people. Particularly youth loves to watch anime series and Japan gave us much fascinating and thrilling anime series which will never be left any chance to make us amazed with their unique storyline. This time as well the 1st episode of the new anime is all set to get premiere for the amusement of its lovers. The name of this most-awaited web series is “Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War”. The 1st episode of this series is ready to get launch on Monday, 1st October 2022.

Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Episode 1

Anime lovers are waiting for a long to watch this. Admirers of this anime have a particular reason to rejoice as the 1st episode launched at New York Comic Con increased their expectations. The 1st episode of BTYBW had its launch in North America on the Viz Media panel which was conducted at the New York Comic Con. The reaction of the admirers made it clear that they highly loved the 1st episode which makes other people ultra excited to watch it.

Several lucky admirers got the chance to watch the 1st episode of Bleach TYBW at the time of the Viz Media panel. Those who watched the launch shared their experience that how the quality of the overall production of anime was very similar to a film. The moving of the series was quite well and the episode concluded right prior to the war ready to begin, leaving admirers to show their interest in the next episode. Several were also very pleased that they got to watch Yhwach.


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