Anime: Chainsaw Man Release Date And Time Streaming Details: There are many anime series launched but there are some that instantly pull the eyeball and force us to find more details about them. Chainsaw Man is one of those which is currently creating a sensation among people and making us get the details of it. On Friday, 7th October 2022, the streaming platform Crunchyroll declared at New York Comic Con that the new anime is ready to launch on the streaming platform and people can watch it on Tuesday, 11th October 2022 and the timing of its release is 12:00 PM EDT. CM will be slightly delayed launch from the Japanese October 11 launch at 12:00 JST and would be 11:00 AM EDT. To know more details you need to read this blog till the end.

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Release Date And Time

The viewers of Asian countries desire to know where they can watch it. As per the report, CM is ready to launch on TV Tokyo and other 5 streaming platforms as well as on several platforms of Medialinks and on Amazon Prime Video. This is also where Japanese admirers will be able to run the anime. We all know that Crunchyroll has exclusive rights to universally run the series. The screening of CM was earlier held in the United States on 7th October 2022 and those who attended that event already know what they will be going to watch.

Their Tweets already made it clear loud why it is worth waiting and now people are getting desperate to watch it. After screening the United States launch of the Chainsaw Man anime on Friday, 7th October 2022 at 12:45- 01:45 PM series the anime streaming platform declared the updated streaming time of the launch worldwide. As of now, it is only asserted that Crunchyroll is running the anime in around 200 countries throughout the globe. The streaming service also asserted many dubs for CM in further addition to the real Japanese along with the subtitles which will be in the English language.

The subtitles are also available in different foreign languages such as German, Latin American Spanish, French, and Portuguese. With the latest updated streaming launching times, admirers can expect CM to launch on Crunchyroll at the given times in different regions which are:


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