Anime NYC to Screen High Card Anime World Premiere 2022: Host, Celebs List, and, more!: Japanese anime films and series are not only popular in Japan but throughout the world and that is why the makers released the series all over the world after watching the success in the country. There are usually many series and films available in the English language along with English subtitles. One such anime is ready to get its worldwide premiere at the start of the next year. As per the reports, the team of Anime NYC declared on Tuesday, 18th October 2022 that it will display the world launch of the anime of the poker-based theme titled “High Card” which is a multimedia project at the event this year.

Anime NYC

Anime NYC World Premiere 2022

Not only this but the event will also host the original author of the series named Homura Kawamoto his younger sibling who is also an author Hikaru Muno and Hiroki Okamoto the producer of the series. During the event, the author also explained the story of the series “After finding out that his beloved orphanage was on the edge of getting shut down because of the financial issues and stress, Finn who was residing freely on the lanes and streets, started for a casino with the goal of earning good income and fortune.

Anime NYC Host

  • Hajime Isayama

“Though nothing could have planned and prepared the main character Finn for the incubus that was waiting for him so long. One day, Finn encountered a vehicle chase and sanguinary open firing caused by the “lucky” card of the man. Soon, the boy got to know about the shootout and why it happened…” We are stopping the spoiler here so that you can enjoy this series by watching it on screen.

Anime NYC Celebs List

  • Hajime Isayama

The opening theme of the series which title is “Trickster” is given by Five New Old which is an overseas rock band that is famous for its vocal styling and stage theatrics of its bilingualist vocalist named Hiroshi. The promotional video and the trailer of the series are available on Youtube and other social media websites. The poster of the series also pulls attention which views the 2-faced nature of the members of High Card, who commence on serious and dangerous missions by using special and supernatural powers.

The preview of the anime discloses the artistic style of the show and displays Finn and other rest of members of the series in exhilarating and thrilling action scenes. The voice cast of the series includes Gen Sato who will be giving voice to the main character named Finn Oldman, Yuichiro Umehara giving voice to Vijay Kumar Singh, Toshiki Masuda giving voice to Chris Redgrave, Kazuhiro Yamaji giving voice to Bernard Symons, Haruka Shiraishi giving voice to Wendy Sato, and Shun Horie giving voice to Leo Constantine Pinochle.


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