Anime: Smile Of The Arsnotoria Game No Longer Get English Release: Not only watching or reading but people are also intrigued to play anime games and that is why they always looked forward to whenever any news related to this came into the limelight. But today we are not sharing any announcements of upcoming projects but sharing information about the end of service. As per the latest reports, the official social media account for ‘PuraOre! Smile Princess” for DMM Games and PuraOre! Pride of Orange multimedia project, disclosed on Monday, 31st October 2022 that the game will finish the service at the end of the next month (30th November 2022) at around 03:00 PM JST.

Smile Of The Arsnotoria Game

PuraOre! Smile Princess is the “beautiful girls ice hockey rearing clone game” which suspended trading of the currency of the in-game “Daiya”. The in-game currency was suspended on Monday, 31st October 2022. This game was introduced in the month of March 2021 in Japan. As of now, this game is not charging a single penny to pay along with optional in-game buys. The gamers who played this game take the position of the general manager of the team who is playing ice-hockey sport and the goal of the team is to become the best team in the entire world for that, they played several matches.

Apart from it, the multimedia project introduced with PuraOre! Pride of Orange is “the first girls’ ice hockey anime ever.” In the month of October 2021, the TV anime version launched. The streaming of this anime has happened on the OTT platform Funimation. In further addition to this, the social media account for Nitroplus’s cellphone role-playing phone game “Smile of the Arsnotoria” also declared on Monday that this game also ends its service on Friday, 31st March 2023. The English social media account for this game said that the English language version of the game will also be longer to launch as now the Japanese version of the game is ending the service.

Both Japanese and international gamers are sad by these announcements. The anime game Smile of Arsnotoria was introduced at the end of the month of February last year. The game was initially planned to launch in the year 2020. SOTA game is about the girls and teachers of worked or studied at a magic academy. Shinichirou Otsuka, the novel illustrator is providing the designs for the main character. The in charge of the original draft is Hajime Ninomae. Apart from him, Uiro Yamada, Nitroplus, Satoru Minamoto, Masa, Ruroo, and Sinov Mimori are also providing the design of the character. The game was published by Good Smile Company. Not only this, but the game also inspired the makers to make a TV anime version of it that launched on 6th July 2022.


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