Beast Tamer Manga Chapter 67 Release Date, Time, Where to Read: Hundreds of options to read, and out of these, we are talking about “Beast Tamer” which is highly liked by readers. People are showing their interest and they are always ready to read it. But there are many people who have not read it yet and they want a small description of the series so that they can invest their time in reading or not. This Japanese light novel series is written by Suzu Miyama. The illustrator of the series was in the hands of Moto Shigemura. It is created in many versions such as in anime, novels, and manga as well. This time we are talking about the manga version.

Beast Tamer Manga Chapter 67

Beast Tamer Manga Chapter 67 Spoiler

This season Fall 2022 has many wonderful projects which are currently airing or published on social media and Beast Tamer is one of those. The series is about Rein who is the beast tamer who was removed from the party of heroes who consider him too weak due to his sole ability to create contracts with animals. Due to this other heroes thinks that he is good for nothing. When seeking work, Rein saves Kanade who is part of the tribe of cats who soon become his friend. By creating a contract with a member from one of the popular strongest races, our protagonist gets some of her powers, becoming much stronger.

After he became stronger both started their voyage together with our hero making friends and taming other girls from different types of races who become strong and powerful friends while getting new capacities with each new contract he made. Now to know what currently is going on in the story the readers need to take out some time and read it. The main characters of this series are Rein, Kanade, Sora and Luna, Tania, Stella, and Nina. As of the month of September 2022, 7 volumes have been issued. Now it’s time to know the release date of the upcoming chapter of the manga series.

Release Date Of Chapter 67 Of Beast Tamer Manga

After successfully winning the heart of the readers we are ready to share the information about the release date of the upcoming chapter of Beast Tamer. The readers love the 69th chapter and desire to read the 70th chapter of the series which is planned to publish on Monday, 14th November 2022, and the timing will be as usual 12:00 AM Japanese Standard Time (JST).

The timing for the international release date is the same just like the previous one but still if you find any kind of changes just let us know or if the publishers made any changes we will notify you. To know more be connected with us and you will get more articles based on the release date of the series.


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