Black Clover Chapter 344 Release Date, Time, and, Where to Read: It is so good to read manga that is close to our hearts. One after the other many mangas is coming but some are standing strong and no one can push them away. “Black Clover” is one of those mangas that are fan favorites and running so far due to that, it has completed 343 chapters so far, and now the fans looking to read the new upcoming chapter. One thing which we personally like about manga is that it helps to make a habit of reading for those who avoid it. But there is no doubt in saying that is so addictive and we can not able to stop ourselves from reading it.

Black Clover Chapter 344

Black Clover Chapter 344 Countdown

After reading a chapter we instantly look to read another chapter and this chain continues until we have reached the last chapter. As of now, people are enjoying reading Black Clover. However, the fans are disappointed with the publishers as one such news is coming out which is distressing the fans. As per the reports, the readers will be seen a delay in the issue of the upcoming chapter 344 of Black Clover. No one can reject the fact that it is one of the best hits of the modern Shonen genre. Some are speculating that Yuki Tabata, the mangaka responsible for the delay in the chapter.

The Reason For Delaying Chapter 344 Of Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 344: There have been many hearsays that Yuki Tabata, the mangaka responsible for Black Clover has taken an unwanted and unexpected break, postponing the launch of new chapter 344. After this, it is the 2nd break of manga in a month. After releasing chapter no. 341, this series took a weeklong pause. The release date of the next chapter is normally declared in the present chapter. We would like to inform the readers that we have not yet got any kind of official declaration but the sources confirming the news are entirely credible.

Release Date Of Chapter 344 Of Black Clover

In the forthcoming issue 52 of releasing platform Weekly Shonen Magazine, this manga will resume its continuation of the upcoming chapter of the ongoing manga. It is forecasted that this will be issued on Sunday, 27th November 2022. All these chapters will be available to read on Viz Media which means anyone can read them there. Only a few days are left for the release of the upcoming chapter.

Spoiler Of Chapter 344 Of Black Clover

In the combat against Ichika Yami, Asta came on the edge to get the hang of his Zetten, as was disclosed in the previous chapter of the manga. The current tale aims at Lucius as he makes preparations and arrangements as a monarch after eradicating those members of the commoners who do not own magical powers or abilities. A tempestuous history was disclosed to have to belong Yami who is the captain of the Black Bulls which we already read in the previous 2 chapters.


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