Blue Giant Anime Film’s Teaser Released: Fans Go Crazy: Ah! many thrilling and wonderful teasers have been launched which are promising the fans that they will be going to watch something really interesting. At present, the official account on Twitter for the adaptation of the anime movie “Blue Giant” of Shinichi Ishizuka manga disclosed a new teaser, visual, and trailer of the soundtrack musician for the anime. The teaser was disclosed on Wednesday, 19th October 2022. Hiromi Uehara the world-famous pianist composes the real music in the tale of the film jazz trio JASS performs, and not only this but also plays the piano instruments for Yukinori Sawabe the character of the film.

Blue Giant Anime Film's Teaser

Blue Giant Anime Film’s Teaser

Dai Miyamoto, a pianist who is also a protagonist encounters the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Tomoaki Baba who is a saxophonist will be playing this instrument for the character name Dai. The drummer, Shun Ishiwaka played in the band name “Millennium Parade” drum for Shunji Tamada a schoolmate of Dai. The latest teaser previews the performance of the trio. The fans really love the teaser and showed their immense love for it as well as they are sharing it with each other. This trailer is currently trending on the web and is easily available to watch on this blog.

Now according to the reports, the movie is planned to release in the country of Japan on Friday, 17th February 2023. This film is currently constructing under the direction of Yuzuru Tachikawa at a studio named NUT. NUMBER 8 who is the editor of this film manga and the story director for the manga is penning the screenplay. The distributor of the movie is TOHO animation. The Blue Giant manga series of Ishizuka is publishing by Seven Seas Entertainment in Ten-volume as 5 anthology volumes.

The story of the series is “Miyamoto Dai, a pupil with a taste for basketball changes his life for the 1st time he watches a live performance of jazz. The unbelievable and wonderful music bangs a chord deep inside him, and he instantly decides or planned to become a jazz performer and decided to play the saxophone. He has no such skills not any kind of formal training and no idea what Miyamoto is up against, but his enthusiasm drives him crazy and he plays the saxophone on daily basis…” To know more about what happened next and how will fulfill his dream. Just wait for the release of the movie. This manga is available in 10 volumes to read.


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