Blue Lock Chapter 201 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 201 Release Date, Time, And, Where To Read

Blue Lock Chapter 201 Release Date, Time, And, Where To Read: There are many series that are close to our hearts and tough for us to stay away from it. Due to this, we show our interest to read it again and again and always look forward so that we get to know how much we need to wait for the release of a new chapter. Other than that there are many readers who want to have the raw scan and spoilers of it. “Blue Lock” is one of those series that make readers the fan of it. As of now, the series has released 200 chapters of it, and now it is time to know about the new chapter of this series and which will be the 201 Chapter. Follow More Updates On

Blue Lock Chapter 201 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 201 Spoiler

Blue Lock Chapter 201: This series is for those who love to read the sports-based manga. The simple reason is that the previous chapter of the series end on an interesting point. So it is obvious for many people to know the details of the upcoming chapter. But one thing which we want to clarify in this paragraph only is that the raw scans and the official spoilers of the series usually release before the official release of the chapter of it. That means the readers actually need to wait to get these 2 updates particularly.

Release Date Of Chapter 201 Of Blue Lock

We all know that it is one of the most famous manga series throughout the world but especially Japanese readers show an interest in reading it. The simple reason for this thing is that it reflects their culture and everyone is usually very much interested in learning about their culture. Apart from it, the timing of the release chapter is also the most important thing to know so that readers don’t miss out to read it.

Blue Lock Chapter 201 Release Time

The reports are saying that the upcoming chapter of 201 will be released on Monday, 11th December 2022. And the timing of the release is varying from country to country which we mentioned below so the readers note the time and the date as well.

  • New York, USA, at around 09:00 AM EDT, Monday, 11th December 2022
  • London, United Kingdom at around 02:00 PM BST, Monday, 11th December 2022
  • India Standard Time (IST) at around 06:30 PM, Monday, 11th December 2022
  • Japan Standard Time (JST) at around 10:00 PM, Monday, 11th December 2022

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