Blue Orchestra Anime Promo Video Released: Fans Go Crazy: This month is really good for anime and manga lovers as many announcements related to upcoming events are already done and many are already going on. Now one more project announcement has been done with the promo of the event which will be launched by the next year. Those who are actively using Twitter know which series we are talking about but those who don’t know will get the details of it in this blog. As per the report, On Sunday, 23rd October 2022, NHK started releasing the 1st promotional video for the small-screen anime of “The Blue Orchestra” which was the manga series written by Makoto Akui. More information about the series is mentioned below.

Blue Orchestra Anime Promo

Blue Orchestra Anime Promo Video

On Sunday, 23rd Oct, NHK disclosed more crew members for the anime. The responsibility for the direction of this anime is in the hands of Seiji Kishi and Studio Nippon Animation will be animating this manga adaptation. Yuko Kakihara will be handling two positions one is series composition and the 2nd one is scripting whereas the responsibility of designing the characters of this series will be on the shoulder of Kazuaki Morita. Hajime Aono is the main character of the series and Royta Higashi is the violist in this role.

The reports are stating that the series will be launched in the month of April 2023 on NHK Educational. Other than that, the chief producer and production supervisor of this anime will be Jun Sakata. The anime trailer of BO views the chief character whose name is Aono playing a Conon of Pachelbel on a riverbank. As we mentioned above famous Japanese violinist will be recording the music for the character. the trailer is available on the Twitter account of NHK.

Elex Media, the Indonesian publisher has launched the manga and explains the tale of the series as The tale of the series revolves around Hajime Aono who loves to play the violin and spent most of his childhood playing this musical instrument. Though as he raise he stops playing the violin as he began to feel burnout. He got admitted to middle school and suddenly he got to know that he really does not know what to do with his life, which is the most obvious thing with many people. This realization makes it tough for him to select which direction or to opt which gives shape to his life… But the entry of a girl named Ritsuko Akine gave him a direction and drags him back to his love for music who herself loves music.

This series is based on the manga created by Makoto Akui who released this ongoing series on Shogakukan’s Manga ONE application. As of now, the series has launched 10 volumes and this manga is currently not available in the English language as soon as it will arrive we will notify our readers.


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