Bocchi the Rock! Episode 4 Review and Rating: Most of the anime in the Japanese industry adopt the manga after watching its success. However, the makers made some changes in the script before displaying it. One such manga adaptation anime is currently winning the heart of the audience and as of now, it has just only launched 4 episodes and viewers are already desperate to watch the 5th one. The title of this anime version is “Boochi The Rock!” This series is Japanese 4-panel manga series penned and illustrated by famous Manga creator Aki Hamaji. The sere has been gathered in 4 tankobon volumes.

Bocchi the Rock! Episode 4 Review

Bocchi the Rock! Episode 4 Review

As we already stated that after watching the success of manga the anime version has been updated by ColverWorks launched in the month of October 2022. The anime version was constructed under the direction of Keiichiro Saito and the scriptwriter of the series is Erika Yoshida. The series got licensed from Crunchyroll and for international viewers, it is available to watch on Aniplus Asia. The series was started on Sunday, 9th October 2022 and as of now, it has released around 4 episodes which are well-liked by the audience. Each episode is getting a good rating from the side of watchers.

The story of the series revolves around a band whose name is “Kessoku Band”. It is the main band of the series based on STARRY which is a live house in Shimokitazawa. The family members in the series are taken from the real-life bands Asian Kung-Fu Generation and J-Rock. The band members include Hitori Goto (the voice artist of this character is Yoshino Aoyama), Nijika Ijichi (the voice artist of this character is Sayumi Suzushiro), Ikuyo Kita (the voice artist of this character is Ikumi Hasegawa), and Ryo Yamada (the voice artist of this character is Saku Mizuno).

The anime adaptation of the TV series was declared on 18th February 2021. The opening theme of this series “Seishun Complex” is performed by the Kessoku Band and the ending theme of this series is “Distortion!!”. The title of the 4th episode is “Jumping Girl” which was released on Sunday, 30th October 2022. The series got a community score which is around 4.6 which means the audience really loves it. The 4th episode are showing that the band Kessoku finally get its vocalist. Now the band is complete with Kita who rejoined as the lead singer.

The next step of the band is to pen a song and Ryo is taking care of the composition of the music and the lyrics are written by Bocchi. Now the band is complete and ready to do rock and roll. The audience really enjoyed the 4th episode and gave good ratings which is a clear sign that people love it and are desperate to watch the 5th episode of the series.


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