The fans are excited after the news of the 3 Digimon films being released. The new English cast will be featuring a classic cast. This article will provide complete details about the release of 3 Digimon Films. Keep reading for more information.

Digimon 3 Discotek to Release Films

Our War Game, Hurricane Touchdown, And Digimon Adventure To Release In Compilation

Our War Game, Hurricane Touchdown, and Digimon Adventure will release soon in compiled form. There will be a special screening by Discotek on Saturday. There will be the release of three Digimon films. The movies will release in two sets. the first set was Digimon Adventure, our War Game, and Digimon Adventure: Hurricane Touchdown. The second set will have Digimon: The Movie. These all will be the original versions of three movies that will release. There will be new dubbed versions of the three movies. This series will be revoiced to match today’s generation vibe. There will also be Japanese music in it. The release date has not been announced yet for the three movies. Let us have details about the release date of the upcoming series.

When Will Digimon Adventure Hurricane Touchdown, Digimon: The Movie, and Digimon Adventure: Our War Game Be Released?

Digimon Adventure: Hurricane Touchdown. Digimon Adventure: Our War Game, and Digimon The Movie will release soon. There has not been any fixed date for the release of the movie. We will update you as soon as we get to about the release date of the series. The new dub will be released by Sound Cadence Studios. Let us have more details about the cast of the series.

Who Are The Cast Of Digimon Adeventure: Hurricane Touchdown, Digimon The Movie, And Digimon Adeventure: Our War Game?

The cast members of Digimon: The Movie Are:

Joshua Seth, Lara Jill Miller, Mona Marshall, Michael Reisz, Wendee Lee, Colleen O Shaughnessey, Elsie Lovelock, Eli Farmer, Peggy O Neal, Brianne Brozey, Michael Sorich, Bryce papenbrook, David Lodge, Dorothy Fan, Doug Erthotlz, Jeff Erholtz, Bob Buchholz, Marissa Lenti, anna Garduno, and Cherami Leigh.

The Cast Members Of Digimon Adventure: Our War Game:

Joshua Seth, Mona Marshall, Michael Reisz, Noriko, Lara Jill Miller, Colleen O Shaughnessy, Kinu Ishida, Eli Farmer, Tom Fahn, Bradley Gareth, Lex Lang, Kirk Thorton, Laura Summer, Edie Mirman, R Martin Klein, Anna Garduno, Brianne Brozey, Paul St. peter, Jessica Peterson, Dorothy Fahn, Jason Marnocha, Madeline Dorroh, Valory Pierce, Peggy O Neal, Little Boy 2B, Molly Zhang, and Neil Kaplan.


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