The second season of Digimon has been announced. People are curious to know more about the release of Discotek Season 2. This article will share every detail about Digimon Season 2. Keep reading for more information.

Digimon The Movie, Digimon Season 2, Release Date

Digimon Season 2

Digimon Season 2 release is going to release soon. Street Fighter II will release in 4k UHD. Overman King Gainer will be released on Blu Ray Sic. Digimon Season 2 will have 2.0 and 5.1 Japanese audio. There will be a dub in English. There will be an opening and ending episode. There is also a DVD version of the anime available by Bandai Entertainment. The series has been directed by Gundam Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino. The anime was released in 2002-2003. Lupin III will also release Seven Days Rhapsody will release on Blu Ray Disc. The series will be compiled into 5 together on the high purchase of the fans. Jin Roh animated the film. The inspiration for the movie is from the 99th Episode of Ursuei Yatsura. It was combined with puppetry animation. It is now called Super Live Mation. It is also inspired by Man Izawa and Yumiko Iarshi Georgie’s shojo manga. There will be 45 episodes in total. Jonathan Gamra has translated the series. There will be both Japanese audio and English subtitles. All the episodes will be available in one disc. Jonathan Media has also tweeted about the same. People are curious to know where will Digimon Season 2 be released. Let us have details about Digimon Season 2 release.

Where Will Digimon Season 2 Be Released?

Digimon Season 2 will be released on Blu Ray Disc. The English dub version will also release with English dubb. There will be art galleries. This was a glimpse of Digimon Season 2. Let us conclude the above.

July To October Releases:

Digimon Season 2 will be released on Blu Ray Disc. Let us have more details about July to October releases.

July: Iria: Zeiram The Animation, Digimon Adventure, Urusei Yatsura TV Collection 2, Terrifying Girls High School Animal Classmates, and Animal Treasure Island.

August: Cromartie High School, Saber Rider, and the Star Sheriffs, Kamen Rider Black RX, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reflection, Re: Cutie Honey.

September: CB Character Go Nagai World, SGT. Frog Season 3-4, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation, The Legend Of Calamity Jane, Jeans Blues No Future.

October: Cybersix, Midnight Eye Goku, Urusei Yatsura TV Collection 3, Mazinger Z Part 1, The Wonderful World Of Puss N Boots. We keep bringing such details on the website about your favorite anime and manga.


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