Anime: Who is Ebern in Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War?: The scriptwriting of Japanese writers is wonderful. It is still not known from where they got their creative mind and penned many fascinating web series. Those who think it is an easy task to construct an anime or manga series trust us it is not easy. It takes a lot of time to pen down the story on paper and then present it in front of the world. But that wait is really worth it as the creation which comes forward is really commendable and that is why the fans of watching or reading anime or manga are constantly increasing throughout the world.

Ebern in Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

Who is Ebern in Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War?

At present people are talking about a new anime series which is “Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War”. One character in this series is pulling worldwide attention and that is “Ebern”. With the launch of the final season of Bleach: TYBW on Monday, 11th October 2022, we were familiar with a new adversary named Ebern. These anime come back more than a decade later to adapt the last arc of the manga of Tite Kubo. In the bedroom of Ichigo Kurosaki in Kurosaki Town, a man who is tall in height and has red color hair, wearing a long coat appears which is in white color.

The man covers his left with a Hollow mask. This man instantly pulls the attention of the watchers and they are constantly thinking who is this rude and arrogant man who insinuates himself by the name Asguiaro Ebern and he challenges Ichigo to a fight in the very 1st episode of the show? Ebern made quite a comes up in 1st episode of the new and the last season of Bleach: TYBW. Ebern 1st comes up unasked in the bedroom of Ichigo Kurosaki in Karakura Town and is thrown out of the window; then after a run-after scene, he battled with Ichigo.

In this fight, things do not get accordingly to his plan. After that Ebern tries to purloin Bankai of Ichigo with a Quincy laurel wreath and barely runs away after failing. Ultimately, he is viewed as bowing down prior to Quincy King Yhwach hence disclosing his associations. It is quite confusing to comprehend the identity of Ebern and their aims in the 1st episode of Bleach: TYBW. Asguiaro is no doubt an Arrancar, as Uryu Ishida and Ichigo already notice it.

Though when they asked about it he rejects it and gives a weird look to them. Ebern comes up to make his distance from Arrancars rather than taking the honor of actuality a Quincy. Ebern keeps on using the powers of Quincy at the time of his battle with Ichigo. To know more just keep on watching this episode and soonly the audience will watch the 2nd episode of this series.


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