Irodori Comics will launch a Kickstarter campaign. This campaign will include 4 short stories. These will be from the manga, Is Love The Answer? You will get complete deals about Kickstarter campaign in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Kickstarter Campaign

What Is In Exclusive: Irodori Comics, Kickstarter Campaign

The new Kickstarter campaign has been organized in which there will be 4 short stories from Is Love The Answer? Let us have a look at those short stories in detail. Fans are currently quite excited about this campaign’s release and are looking for some spoilers and more information. These stories will defiantly win your heart. It is full of emotions and is heart-touching. Let us have a look at it.

First Story: Mine-Kun Is Asexual:

This is a story of a guy, Mine, who does not like intimacy and physical closeness in a relationship. He doesn’t want to build any sexual relationship with anyone. While on the other hand, Murai loves him a lot. She cannot be separated from him. She is willing to be with him the way he wants. She will not curdle him while watching movies, she will not hold his hand, and she will not have any intimacy with him. She was not willing to leave him. Let us move to the next chapter.


This is the story of people who were born on 29th February. They are said to be growing more slowly than others. Many say that they live long lives up to 300 years. They are called leapers because they are born in a leap year. One of them was Mio Aono. He was emotional as he felt that he was not living as other normal people were living. The manga was published n Monthly Afternoon Magazine. He started his career after that. It was previous;y published in 2008. However, it was re-released as a doujinshi. It is available in English. Let us move to the next story.

Mermaid In The Bottle:

The story belongs to a brother and sister. Takeru and his sister are working at the same place. They are separated because of his parent’s divorce. They both found a mermaid in a cosmetic lotion bottle. The story shows the struggles of brother and sister.


A girl is in love. She wants to give her life to them. Later, she came to know that they are lesbian and transman. This is a romance story of a trans man, a lesbian, and a woman.


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