Aniplex Streams is going to release a short 3-minute animation video of the game, Fate/Grand Order. The fans are excited about the release of the video. This article will share complete details about the Aniplex Streaming Fate/Grand Order. Keep reading for more information.

Fate Grand Order Smartphone 2023

Fate/Grand Order Game New Vidoe Release

The event, FGO Fes. 2023 that was happened on Sunday showed a new short video of 3 minutes by the title, Memorial Movie 2023. This movie was released for a game by the name, Fate/Grand Order. This is a smartphone game. The theme song of the video was Flowers. It is performed by Hana Hope. Hiromatsu Shu played an important role in the animation video. He has handled storyline, editing, direction, unit direction, and animation direction. Yusuke Tanaka, Taishi Kawakami, and Yae Otsuka also supported him. The video is animated by CloverWorks. So this has two languages and two videos. Let’s have a look at both of them below.

Fate/Grand Order New English Video:

Fate/Grand Order New English video has the theme song with English lyrics. You can watch it below:


Fate/Grand Order New Japanese Video:

Fate/Grand Order New Japanese video has been out with Japanese lyrics. If you have not watched it yet, you can watch it below:


The game, Fate/Grand Order is a smartphone game that was released in Summer 2015 in Japan. It was released in the United States and Canada with its English version in June 2017. There are games like Arcade game which is also a well-known game that gets inspired by it. There are also manga, anime, and spinoffs, available of this game’s story. The video of the game is available on Aniplex’s YouTube Channel and Fate/Grand Order’s YouTube Channel. Let us have a look at what people says about the story.

What Is The Reaction Of The Fans On The Nw Video Release?

Both English and Japanese fans are excited for the release of the new video. It was released on an event on Sunday by the name FGO Fes 2023. This event revealed the video by the name, Memorial Movie 2023. It was a 3 minute movie. This is available in Both English and Japanese. The fans are happy and gave  positive response to the video. Tis vidoe is dedicated to the game Fate/Grand Order. This was all about the new video release for the game, Fate/Grand Order. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite anime and manga. Stay tuned for information.


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