Fate/Samurai Remnant Game is back with its second trailer. The new trailer is revealing the new servant and rogue servants. This article will share complete details about Fate/Samurai Remnant Game’s second trailer. Keep reading for roe information.

Fate Samurai Remnant Game's 2nd 2023 Trailer

Fate/Samurai Remnant Game Second Trailer

The rogue servants of Fate/Samurai Remanant Game are Arjuna, Cu Chulainn, and Tamamo Aria. There was an FGO Fes event held this Sunday that showed the new trailer of Koei Tecmo’s Fate/Samurai Remnant. This is a new action series. There are two new servants and five rogue servants. Arjuna, Cu Chulainnn, and Tamamo Aria also appeared in the last series of Fate. There is a new character, Babylonia, which is played by Tamokazu Seki. The new trailer is appreciated by people a lot. If you have not watched it yet, you must give it a try.

Fate/Samurai Remnant Game Trailer 2:

The new trailer of Fate/Samurai Remnat is as follows:


New Servants of Fate/Samurai Game:

There are two new servants in Fate/Samurai Game. They are Archer Servant of Zheng Chenggong. This is voiced by Kensho Ono. The second servant is the Assassin Servant of Dorothea. This is voiced by Hideo Ishikawa. There are other rogue servants also. They don’t have any masters yet. Let us discuss them in detail.

Rogue Servants Of Fate/Samurai Game:

The rogue servants of Fate/Samurai game are Rogue Saber who is voiced by Tooru Sakurai, Rogue Archer voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki, and Rogue Lancer also known as Cu Chulainn voiced by Nobutoshi Canna. Next, we have Rogue Rider also known as Tamamo Aria who is given a voice by Chiwa Saito, and Rogue Berserker who is given a voice by Daisuke Endo. Let us have details about the release date of this game.

When Will Fate/Samurai Game Be Released In japan?

The Fate/Samurai game will release on 28th September 2023 in Japan.

when Will FAte/Samurai Game Be Released Worldwide?

The Fate/Samurai game will release worldwide on 29th September 2023. Let us have details about the plot of the game.

Plot Of Fate/Samurai game:

The Fate/Samurai game plot shows the 4th Year of Keian Era. This is also known as an Edo period. The era of turbulent blood Soaked era has come to an end. There was peace but the new battle between seven pairs of masters was going to take place. The story shows Miyamoto Iori who is caught in the war of Holly Grail. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more information.


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