Futoku no Guild Episode 6 Release Date, Time & Countdown: ‘Futoku No Guild’ is an anime inspired by the manga of the same name. The manga is written by Taichi Kawazoe. It is published by ‘Square Enix’. There are 10 volumes of the manga in total. The manga was a hit. People liked it very much. It performed very well in the market. The Anime version is directed by Takuya Asaoka. It is written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. As music drives the emotions of Anime. It is given by Ryo Shirasawa with TNK studio. The first episode was streamed on 5th October 2022.

Futoku no Guild Episode 6 Spoiler

Futoku no Guild Episode 6 Spoiler

The story is portrayed around a hunter whose name is Kikuru Madan. He want to prevent his young age from getting wasted so he decided to retire. He and Hitamu Kyan, a female martial artist, then go on a quest together. It will be interesting to see, how manages every situation as he never had been in any relationship. This makes him feel very underconfident. Also, luck is not with him in these situations. He finds himself in erotic situations many times. The Anime is the most awaited one. It is seen and liked by people of different age groups.


Five episodes of ‘Futoku No Guild’ are out already. The sixth one is also on its way to be released in the coming week. All episodes are set to release on Wednesdays. As an anime lover, you will surely not want to miss out on this series. So let us discuss the release date, timing, and where you can watch the episodes in detail. Fans are very excited about the new releases.

When ‘Futoku No Guild’ Episode 6 Will Release?

The latest episode is expected to be released on 9th November 2022, Wednesday. The timing for the release is not yet confirmed by the author. Also, the title of the episode is yet to be declared. we will update the timing as soon as it, we get to know about it. The timing may differ according to different time zones. All episodes will be released on their respective dates except for any delays.

Where You Can Watch ‘Futoku No Guild’ Episode 6?

You can watch the latest episode on the Japanese local network like the TNK channel in Japan. If you are not a resident of Japan, then it will be difficult for you because it is available on very limited platforms. It is not available on big streaming platforms like Crunchyroll. We will update you if we found any platform for non-Japanese viewers.


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