Golden Kamuy Season 5 Release Date Cast, Spoilers, and, more!: ‘Golden Kamuy’ is a very popular anime. A total of four seasons are out already. There are a total of forty-eight episodes in it. Satoru Noda is the writer of the anime. It is available in Japanese and English. Now, there is demand for the new season. On 3 October 2022, the first episode was out to watch. People love all the episodes. Will there be a season 5 or not? Keep reading to know more details about episode 5. The anime takes some incidents of the Russo-Japanese war. Ariko escapes along with the Lieutenant’s skin. Ariko was going with Todan, who was considered as dead.

Golden Kamuy Season 5 Release Date

Golden Kamuy Season 5 Release Date

There is no official date announced by the officials yet. We will update you about the confirmed date as soon as we get it. However, we expect it to premiere in late 2023. So there is still a long wait for the viewers.

Where to watch ‘Golden Kamuy’ Season 5?

You can watch it on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Many times, an anime not gets exposure on big platforms. It lowers the potential of the anime. You can watch all the upcoming and previous episodes on the former platform.

How many episodes can you expect in the ‘Golden Kamuy’ Season 5?

There is no final announcement on the release of the season. If we compare it with the previous seasons, there should be at least 13 episodes.

What do people have to say about ‘Golden kamuy’?

People like anime very much. The demand for the next season is increasing day by day. It is difficult for an anime lover to wait for the next release. But it is said that the fruit of having patience is sweet.

Where will you get the trailer for ‘Golden Kamuy’ Season 5?

There is no confirmation on season 5. We don’t have any trailers yet. We will update you as soon as it becomes available.

‘Golden Kamuy’ main characters and the cast:

The main characters in Golden Kamuy are Aspira, Enonoka, Shiraishi, Cikapasi, Yoshitake, Chiyotarou, Sugimoto, Rikimatsu, Saichi, Ariko, Anji, and Toni. The voice artists for the above characters are Rial, Monica, Sarah, Phillips, Howard, Ben, Wang, Sinclair, Apprill, Bryn, Green, Kenny, Douglas, and Jason.

The Japanese voice artists are Shiraishi, Kana, Haruka, Ichinose, Itou, Akeno, Kentarou, Watanabe, Kobayashi, Yumiko, Chikahiro, Mizunaka, Mizushima, Masaaki, and Yuu.

We all are eagerly waiting for the new season. The last four seasons were very engaging. Let us see what the new season brings in for the viewers. Stay connected for more.


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