Harem Camp! Episode 4 Release Date, Time, And, Countdown: It is quite a tough choice to decide what to watch or not, as there are many options to watch. In Anime Fall 2022 many fascinating series are available to watch. Now 1 month is passed the new month and new episodes are ready to entertain the audience. After sharing the information about My Hero Academia, we are ready to share the release date of the upcoming episode of “Harem Camp”. The anime version of the series is the adaptation of the manga series which was written by YUUKI HB. This series has been compiled in 2 tankobon volumes.

Harem Camp Episode 6

Harem Camp! Episode 4 Spoiler

Now the anime TV version of the series was adapted by Studio Hokiboshi which launched in the month of October 2022. The genre of the series is Harem and the writer of this series is Eeyo Kurosaki. The series revolves around 5 characters, Haruki Azuma, Kensuke Yamamichi, Toko Saionji, Aki Minami, and Natsuki Kitamura. The director of the TV anime series is Toshihiro Watase and the chief animation director and character designer of the series is Kazuya Kuroda.

The Release Date And Time Of The 6th Episode of Harem Camp

So far, the series has released 5 episodes, and now it is all set to release the 6th episode. According to the reports, the 6th episode is released this week, on Sunday, 6th November 2022 at around 12:00 AM JST. The international timing of the series varies from country to country.

Harem Camp! Episode 4 Release Time

The international timing of the series is mentioned below:-

  • Pacific Time (PDT): 08:00 AM, Saturday, 5th November 2022
  • Central Time (CDT): 10:00 Noon, Saturday, 5th November 2022
  • Indian Time (IST): 08:30 PM, Saturday, 5th November 2022
  • Japan Time (JST): 12:00 AM, Sunday, 6th November 2022

Storyline Of Harem Camp

The storyline of the series is quite simple as it is about a teacher who is a veteran camper and her name is Kensuke. She once again chases her dream and creates a camping group made up of himself along with 4 girls. Whatever follows is a complete wholesome adventure entire of involving storytelling that is not at all completed with explicit interactions. It is one of the more adult anime of this Fall anime 2022. Well, it is better to watch the series rather than read it. Those who have watched the earlier episodes are really enjoying it and asking their friends to watch it.

The Voice Actors Of Harem Camp

  • Miu Yuzuhara gives her voice to the character Haruki Toma
  • Ren Sagami gave her voice to the character Natsuki Kitamura
  • Aoi Hyuga gave her voice to the character Ai Minami
  • Masahito gave her voice to the character Kensuke Yamamichi
  • Mashiro Fuuka gave the voice to the character Touko Saionji


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