Heartbeat will release its 10th episode soon. People are curious to know more about the release of Heartbeat’s new episode. You will get complete details about Heartbeat Episode 10 release date, time, and where to watch in this article. keep reading for more information.

Heartbeat Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date

Heartbeat K-Drama Episode 10

Heartbeat is a mixture of romance, comedy, and love triangle. The series showed that OK Taec Yeon is back. He is now half human and half vampire. The series is also called My Heart Is Beating. It is a K Drama fantasy drama series. The modern vampires are ready for the series. The show has main focus Joo In Hae. She is a woman who is living in an old building after her father’s death. She came to know that the building has a coffin in the basement. As she came to know about it, she quickly opened and came to know that Seon Woo Hyul was there. The main lead of the story is Ok Taec Yeon and Won Ji. There has been a curiosity among the viewers to know more about the series. let us have information about Heartbeat Season 1 Episode 10 release date and where to watch it.

When Will Heartbeat Season 1 Episode 10 Be Released?

Heartbeat Episode 10 will release on 26th July 2023, Wednesday. The wait has been over. Only one week is left for the release.

Where To Watch Heartbeat Episode 10?

You can watch Heartbeat Episode 10 on KBS2 in local areas. You can watch it internationally on Amazon Prime.

How Many Episodes Will Heartbeat Episode 10 Have?

Heartbeat Episode 10 will have 16 episodes. 10 episodes have already been released. There are 6 more to go. Each episode is 6 minutes long. Let us have a look at the trailer of Heartbeat Season 1.

Trailer Of Heartbeat Season 1:

You can watch the trailer for Heartbeat Season 1 below:




Let us conclude the above.


Heartbeat is going to release its 10th episode on Wednesday. The series has been liked by all the fans. They are sharing their feedback on the previous episodes on social media. The wait has come to an end for the 10th episode. This episode will have a twist and suspense in it. The series is able to grab the attention of the people successfully. We will update you with the episode 10 review soon. This was all about the Heartbeat episode 10 release date. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite anime and manga. Stay tuned for more information.


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