Hellena Taylor Disputes Claims “Fair, living wage in line with the value that I bring to this game”: It is common to hear disputes between firms and employees, and not only in the corporate sector it is also happening in the entertainment industry. We often hear the dispute between the artist and the production house and this time as well a voice actress is involved in it. This dispute is currently making a lot of buzz on the web and people are talking about it and trying figure out to know what the matter is. Recently, On Monday, 24th October 2022, Twitter users watch a series of Tweet which was made by voice actress Hellena Taylor who give her voice in the game title “Bayonetta”.

Hellena Taylor

In the Tweet, she said that she had never asked for US $250,000 in order to give her voice to the nominal character in the game Bayonetta 3. She added that in fact, she was asking for a “right, fair, living paycheck in line along with the value which I bring to this wonderful game.” She comprehended her assertions and said that the gaming platform Platinum Games in the starting offered her US$10,000 overall for the role of her or the voice she gave to the character. After that, she penned to Hideki Kamiya who is the director of Platinum Games and the creator of Bayonetta who, as per her, the director himself offered her an additional amount of US$5,000.

She further added that the creator had also informed her how much he appreciate and value her dedication and contribution to the game and how much the admirers wanted her to be a part of the voice and that she was the choice of fans in the game. But she rejected this offer and after her rejection, she said that she get to know after 11 months that the Japanese video game developer giving an offer of a “flat fee to give her voice to some lines” and for that, they were willing to pay US$4,000. She asserts that the firm had not given the offer of US$3,000 to US$400 to her as per session for 5 sessions and they further added that there were no “large or any other negotiations” as the firm asserted.

Bloomberg stated last Tuesday, 18th October 2022 that a Japanese video game developer employed Hellena Taylor for partially 5 sessions, and for per hour they were offered to pay between US$3000 to US$4,000 so the total amount was around US$15,000. As per Bloomberg, the game developer firm asked for a 6-figure number along with continuing on the game.


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