Hina Kino Plays Assassins Voiced By Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Kouki Uchiyama: The next year will be going to be fascinating to watch as much popular anime and other projects are in the lineup for amusement. Recently Aniplex live-streamed in order to make a specific and special announcement in which they stated that a new television anime title is “Buddy Daddies” or “Buddy Assassin”. In the announcement, it has been cleared that it will be telecast next year in the month of January from P.A. Works and Nitroplus. The fans are excited to watch it and one thing must say the way the Japanese promote or make the announcement of anything it’s really good and they know how to pull the attention of the public.

Hina Kino

In the recent announcement, they shared the poster as well as a promotional video of the upcoming anime television show. The tagline of both the poster and promotional video is “The buddy assassin’s most formidable target is… a little girl?” The tagline is really interesting and makes us think about the storyline of the series. It is tough to decode the tagline of the series and watchers are super excited to watch it. Other than the fans are also looking to know about the information of the main cast of the series.

As per the promotional video, the main cast members of the anime series are:

Hina Kino is playing the role of Miri Unasaka who is 4 years old toddler. Her father is the top banana of the mafia of human trafficking and her mother is the lover of the kingpin.

Kouki Uchiyama will be giving voice to the character name Rei Suwa. Rei is a man who does not what love is and he is cruel as he was grown up to be a killer since childhood but it will be interesting to watch if will make bring any love into his life. Well to know that we need to wait to watch the anime.

Toshiyuki Toyonaga will be giving voice to the character whose name is Kazuki Kurusu. This man always escapes from love and does not want any lover in the spite of having good communication skills and an affair with ladies and he loves to play gambling. His character is quite tricky to understand, but one thing is for sure the audience loves this character.

Rei and Kazuki already know each other and both are roommates as well as killer partners. Now how a small girl brings a new twist to both lives will be fascinating. This cool anime is constructed under the direction of the anime at P.A. Works. The original story of the series was drafted by Vio Shimokura. The exact release date is not known at this moment and to know that you need to wait for the next update.


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