How did Shinsuke Chikaishi die? Sazae-san Voice Actor Passes Away: What makes people different from other living things is the emotions and feelings which we can express and despite not knowing the person we get emotional with the departure of someone. This time as well the world is mourning the demise of a voice actor who gave life to an anime character. But now we will never hear his voice and now his old work is our last memory with us. The deceased who left his fans loved ones and family in grief is Shinsuke Chikaishi. He gave his voice to the character named Sazae-san. The anime community is currently mourning his demise.

Shinsuke Chikaishi

How did Shinsuke Chikaishi die?

The passing news of Shinsuke Chikaishi was confirmed by Talent agency Mouvement on Sunday, 09th October 2022. TAM stated that the voice actor died from senility at his residence which is in Tokyo and he took his last breath in the surrounding of his family on Wednesday, 6th October 2022. At the time of passing the actor was 91 years old. He was famous as the real voice for the Sazae San the character played by Masuo Fuguta. The late actor gave his voice to the role from the year 1969 till the year 1978.

Apart from giving his voice to Sazae-san he also worked in other series as well such as Pukko in Wonder Three, Yoshihiko Hasegawa in Roujin Z, Tetsuhiko Sugimoto in Aitsu to Lullaby: Suiyobi no Cinderella, and many other interesting work he has done so far. Other than that he also narrated some works such as Memory and Goku no Daiboken. His death news brought a shockwave to his fans and they are in trauma but happy to see that he finally get peace and now he will be fine in the protection of God.

The fans of the deceased brought the flood on social media and they are paying tributes to him and shedding tears on his ultimate demise. People want to know the details of his last rites which are presently not known but we are hoping that soon we will find them. Talking about the achievements of Chikaishi he got a Merit Award in the year 2013. This award is given to those voice actors who have the great contribution to several genres, particularly in foreign projects for many years.

The deceased voice actors also performed many Japanese dubs for many actors including James Cagne, Jacky Cooper, Roddy McDowall, and Jerry Lewis. Apart from working for anime series he also worked in narrated television and radio. His death news is really heartbreaking but we can’t do anything apart from praying for the salvation of his soul. As soon as more details come up we will update it here.


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