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illicit love Chapter 28 Release Date, Time, Where to Read

illicit love Chapter 28 Release Date, Time, Where to Read: Sorry guys, we know that you are desperately waiting for the information on the release date of the upcoming chapter of the ongoing manhwa “Illicit Love”. Your wait is over we are back with the details of it and in this blog, we will broadly talk about this series and try to find out why people love it and show their interest in it. We can’t deny the fact that people love to read manga more than watch any web series. The simple reason is that the storyline mainly focuses on the interest of the people. Mostly manhwa targets adult audiences by sharing adult content.

illicit love Chapter 28

Illicit love is also one of those manhwas based on explicit and adult content and that is why the genre of this is based on mature, adult, Seinen, drama. Where adult word gets added, people start becoming a story on their own. Something is happening here as the title of the series is making us think that what kind of bold story it has. Well, to make easily understood that we are ready to share the description of it so that, those who are planning to watch it will get the overview.

illicit love Chapter 28 Spoiler

The story revolves around a man named Shihoo whose life is smooth and going well. He is beginning a new job at a quite good firm, not only this he has been happily wedded to a beautiful and tremendous wife with whom he tied the wedding knot 6 years back and both are quite happy with each other. Talking about the looks of Shihoo is also handsome. One day, everything began cracking at the edge when he began to dubious that his loyal and gorgeous wife whose name is Shia is having an extramarital affair.

This made him restless and he can’t stop thinking about it and getting obsessed as well as worried but a new twist came when his adorable colleague Mina takes entry into his life and he himself get involved with her and began to have an extramarital affair. Shihoo is not sure that is he doing the right thing or not but it is hard to say it as now he found himself surrounded by beautiful ladies at his workplace.

Release Date Of The 20th Chapter Of Illicit Love

As of now, the series has released 19 chapters, and now the readers are waiting to know the release date of the 20th chapter of it. The author Jiro has not shared the official release date of it but the previous release date are stating that the new chapter will release on Monday, 14th November 2022 and the timing will be at 12:00 AM JST. You know, this the timing of international releasing is different. Those who are interested in reading it can find it on Lezhinus.


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