Japanese Style Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date and Time, When Is It Coming Out?: After giving back-to-back details of 2 American series or soap operas, it’s time to have a discussion about the newest launched web series of Japan whose title is “Japanese Style“. It is the first season and within a little time, it has made a good space between the watchers who are all time ready to watch it. What a watcher wants is just a good script and if the makers provide it they themselves make it on the top. Due to its good script and story narrating, it is one of the top famous Japanese Dramas which is worth watching.

Japanese Style Season 1 Episode 5

Japanese Style Season 1 Episode 5 Spoiler

Within a few times of the release, it has created a huge fan following which is enough to tell why they are investing their time in it. This series has been constructed under the direction of Yoshihiro Fukagawa and the scriptwriter of this series is Shigeki Kaneko. The series started on Saturday, 22nd October 2022, and is currently available in the Japanese language. In order to start any series it is really important to understand the synopsis so that you can easily go with the flow of the story.

The plot synopsis of the series read, “1 decade back, a man named Tetsuro Kakioka did not want to get engaged with the ryokan which is possessed by his father. This ryokan has been in his family for around 10 decades. One day, Tetsuro escape from his hometown and came to the capital of Japan, Tokyo. For his living, he has done many jobs, but sadly none of each job makes him happy or gets successful. 1 day, he got a call or message that the condition of his father is really bad and he is admitted to the hospital.

“After learning about the poor health condition of his father he came back to his hometown for the first in 1 decade. He looks at the ryokan managed by his father, who has entirely changed. He found that this ryokan is converted into a big mess.” Now in order to know what he will do, the readers need to watch it and how he will take care of ryokan is also the key point of it.

Release Date of The 5th Episode Of Japanese Style Season 1

The 5th episode of JS Season 1 is ready to release by the next week on Saturday, 19th November 2022. This series is covering 3 genres Sitcom, Comedy, and drama. With this release date, only a few days are left. The running time of the series is 11:30 PM only on Saturday. At this time it is not known how many episodes are planned to release in 1st season but if the audience loves it, the makers will think about releasing the 2nd season.

Star Cast Of Japanese Style Season 1

  • Taiga Nakano playing the role of Tetsuro Kakioka
  • Mikako Ichikawa playing the role of Kazuko Rushi Terakado
  • Jun Kaname playing the role of Shunsaku Kageshima
  • Kazma playing the role of Kanata Uno
  • Huwei Ishizaki playing the role of Ringoro Asatsuki


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