KanColle Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date, Time, and, Where to Watch: Finally, after giving 4 back to back details of the manga series we are ready to give the details of the upcoming episode of an anime series whose title is “KanColle“. This series started recently and as of now it has only released 1 episode now the watchers are keen to know the release date of the next episode. The series made watchers crazy with just 1 episode they are now desperate for 2nd episode. For any show or series, the starting episode is important as it set the base of it and the rest of things is on its shoulder.

KanColle Episode 2 Release Date

KanColle Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

Usually, the series is based on manga or any light novel but this one is quite different from others and based on the popular Japanese free-to-play web browser game which has a similar name. It is quite impressive that a game inspired makers to create an anime version of it. As per the details, this series is the 2nd season and the entire title of it is “KanColle Season 2: Let’s Meet at sea. This series has recently released its 1st episode and in order to commemorate its launch of it, KADOKAWA launched brand new and latest visuals for the series viewing the fight-ready girls ready to tread water.

This small-screen anime starts on Japanese TV and the streaming of it is in the hands of Crunchyroll which will soon release the series for international watchers. The 2nd second of the series is established in a different continuity than that of the initial KanColle movie and series. This new season is constructed under the direction of Kazuya Miura and the production of the anime was completed by Engi. This new season was started on Thursday, 10th October 2022 along with a streaming website streaming the series and this streaming service will run for 8 episodes. Now the streaming service explains the tale of the series such as, “Establish in a globe where humanity and sincerity have just lost control of the oceans to the “deep sea fleet”.

Now the only and final hope to revert back to this menace is the Kanmusu. This is not a name of a person in fact it is the group of young girls who have to own the spirit or the soul of Japanese warships. The tale of this series revolves around a girl named Fubuki who is a destroyer. To unfold the series, the readers need to watch it.

The Release Time Of KanColle Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

As the first episode of the series telecasted on Thursday, 3rd November 2022 then there is the highest chance that the 2nd episode will also release on Thursday, 11th November 2022 at around 12:30 AM JST. The international timing of the series is also different just like other series,

  • Japan Time (JST): 12:30 AM, Thursday, 11th November 2022
  • Indian Time(IST): 09:00 PM, Thursday, 11th November 2022
  • Eastern Time(ET): 10:30 AM, Thursday, 11th November 2022
  • Pacific Time (PT): 07:30 AM, Thursday, 11th November 2022

The watchers yet need to wait for the official announcement of the release of the 2nd episode of it. Till then be with us.


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