Kawagoe Boys Sing is the new anime that is going to be released. People are curious to know more about the release of Kawagoe Boys Sing release. Keep reading for more information.

Kawagoe Boys Sing

Kawagoe Boys Sing Anime Release

Kawagoe Boys Sing anime will release soon. the trailer has been released. People are looking for the first video of the promotion. The main star cast of the anime is Kazuyuki Okitsu and Shotaro Uzawa. The 1st promotional video of Kawagoe Boys Sings has been released. People are looking for the release date of Kawagoe Boys Sing. Let us have a look at the trailer of Kawagoe Boys Sing.

Trailer Of Kawagoe Boys Sing:

If you have not watched the trailer of Kawagoe Boys Sing, you can watch the trailer below:


When Will Kawagoe Boys Sing Be Released?

Kawagoe Boys Sing 1st promotional video has been released. People are looking for details about the show’s debut date. The exact date of the release has not been announced yet. Let us have details about Kawagoe Boys Sing promotional story.

Plot Of Kawagoe Boys Sing:

The story starts with a guy, Dei Tenshi. He wants to sing but cannot in front of so many people. Haruo Hibiki is the orchestra conductor. He had a normal school routine. His life gets disturbed after meeting Haruo. Haruo was thrown out of the group because of his nature. He was He can make a comeback with some conditions. He had to make his club, Choir win and secure the first position in Natural Boys Choir Competition. He had passion, pressure, and ego. He used to say nasty things to people. He cannot understand others’ perspectives. How will he be able to be at the top and made his club win? Let us have details about the cast of Kawagoe Boys Sing.

Who All Are In The Cast Of Kawagoe Boys Sing?

Kawagoe Boys Sing have the following cast:

Kazuyuki Okitsu is playing Haruo Hibiki, Shotaro Uzawa is playing Tenshi Dei, Reio Tsuchida is playing Hiroshi Yazawa, Yuki Obara is playing Shuji Shiratori, Nao Nakanishi is playing Kaito Kobashi, Makoto Kaneko is playing Shizuo Barato, Subaru Kimura is playing Jin Adachi, Yoji Ikuta is playing Ko Hyuga, Yuri Ise is playing Shin Hyuga, Shouta Hayama is playing Tomo Hakase, and Kazumasa Fukagawa is playing Curtis Suzuki. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite anime and manga. Stay tuned for more information.


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