Kodansha Announced Masakazu Ishiguro’s Heavenly Delusion Manga Gets TV Anime in 2023: If you are waiting to watch the anime adaptation of fascinating manga series then you just only need to wait for 2-3 months. As per the announcement of Tuesday, 18th October 2022, the maker, Kodanshu declared that “Masakazu Ishiguro’s Heavenly Delusion” manga is ready to mark its debut in television in the form of anime and this new series will be introduced in the year 2023. Kodansha has shared many details of it in which he also stated the production house is ready to produce it. If you also want to know this, then you no need to go anywhere.

Masakazu Ishiguro's Heavenly Delusion

As per Kodansha, Production I.G is ready to produce this anime and the viewers will be able to watch it by the next year. Not only this, but Ishiguro drew an illustration in order to celebrate this fabulous announcement. The other happy news is that Denpa is launching the manga in the English language and they also explained the plot of the series. The fans are super excited to watch it on Television and the series already get hit among watchers without watching it. The fans have huge expectations from this and the makers are also not in the mood to spoil their excitement.

The story of this series is “Inside the safety of the walls, the young children and youth are grown up in a nursery-style setting created by robots. while the life of the kid’s come up to steel on the ground, the kids are full of curiosity and potential. In several ways, it seems like a promised land which is extremely beautiful. The external globe is a hell of space…Maru, with the help of Kiruko, is out there conjoining what was once the capital of Japan for heaven… To know more just wait for its release.

Ishiguro introduced the manga in the Afternoon magazine of Kodansha in the month of January 2018. This manga had an animated advertising video in order to celebrate the release of the 1st volume in the month of July 2018. On the 23rd of March, the 7th volume of the manga was published by Kodansha. Those who are waiting for the 8th volume of the series need to wait for a month as the 8th volume will appear on 22nd November 2022. The main reason for the anime adaption is its popularity as this series topped the list of manga in the year 2019 and readers showed their immense love for this and now they are desperate to watch its anime version which surely impressed them.


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