It is via the opening of an official site for the project that we discover, this Thursday, the announcement of an anime adaptation of the light novel Kusuriya No Hitorigoto. The first trailer, a promotional poster as well as the first part of the production team, and the artistic distribution of the project were also unveiled for the occasion!

Kusuriya No Hitorigoto

Norihiro Naganuma is directing the series at TOHO Animation Studio and OLM. Akinori Fudesaka serves as an assistant director while Norihiro Naganuma writes the script. Yukiko Nakatani is credited for the character design and Yu Nagai is doing the 3D. Takao Katsumi officiates as artistic director. The music is composed by Satoru Kosaki, Kevin Penkin, and Alisa Okehazama.

As for the casting, we find for the moment:

  • Aoi Yuki (Tamaki – Fire Force ), as Mao Mao.

The broadcast of the project is already scheduled for 2023 in Japan.

For your information, the anime Kusuriya no Hitorigoto is adapted from the eponymous novel by Natsuu Hyuuga and Touko Shino, published by the Japanese publisher Shufunotomo in August 2014. The title has a manga adaptation by Nekokurage and Itsuki Nanao, pre-published in Japan in publisher Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine in May 2017. In France, the light novel and the manga are both published under the name Les Carnets de l’apothicaire, respectively by Éditions Lumen and Éditions Ki-oon.

Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Anime Synopsis

Just 17 years old,  Mao Mao leads a very complicated life…

Trained since her earliest childhood as an apothecary by a former member of the Pleasure Quarter, she is kidnapped and sold as a servant in the women’s quarter of the Imperial Palace. Completely surrounded by high, impassable walls, his new surroundings seem totally cut off from the outside world.

To survive in this sort of luxurious prison, inside which reigns master plots and dirty tricks, the young woman does her best to hide her talents and blend in with the crowd. However, when one newborn prince after another suspiciously dies, her attraction to poison gets the better of her!

Armed with her simple knowledge, she observes, investigates, and finds a solution that earns her to be spotted by  Jinshi: a high court official who decides to promote her as the personal taster of one of the favorites of the emperor.

In the heart of a veritable nest of snakes, the slightest misstep can be fatal…

Further information

This anime is adapted from the eponymous novel by Natsuu Hyuuga and Touko Shino.

  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Slice of Life, Historical, Comedy
  • Release date: 2023

Staff anime:

  • Auteur : Natsuu Hyuuga, Touko Shino
  • Studio d’animation : TOHO Animation Studio, OLM
  • Director: Norihiro Naganuma
  • Assistant Director: Akinori Fudesaka
  • Screenplay: Norihiro Naganuma
  • Chara Design : Yukiko Nakatani
  • Artistic Director: Takao Katsumi
  • 3D Director: Yu Nagai
  • Musiques : Satoru Kosaki, Kevin Penkin, Alisa Okehazama

Kusuriya No Hitorigoto Anime Cast:

  • Mao Mao: Aoi Yuki


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