Lookism manga is back with its new chapter chapter 461. This article will share complete details about Lookism Chapter 461 release date and spoilers. Keep reading for more information.

Lookism Chapter 461 Release Date

What Is Lookism Based On

The story focuses on a guy who gets converted into a powerful and action guy. The name of the main character is Park Hyung Suk. He was very short, fat, and ugly. People used to bully him and treat him like an animal. He takes a decision to change his school when the limits were crossed. He shits to Seul and his life changes completely. He was sleeping on his first day. As he wakes up, he sees that his body has changed completely. He came to know that he has both bodies. Both will function at different times. The first body will after the second fall asleep and the second will awaken while the first fall asleep. He starts a new life with a new body. The story continues the same way. This will be interesting to how will he take revenge for what happened to him. What will he do next?

When Will Lookism Chapter 461 Be Released?

Lookism Chapter 461 will be released on 10th August 2023, Thursday. There are only 4 days left for the release.

What Time Will Lookism Chapter 461 Be Released?

Lookism Chapter 461 will be released at on following times:

Japan Time: 9:30 pm, Eastern Summer Time: 3:30 am, Pacific daylight time: 9 am, Eastern Daylight Time: 12 noon, Central Daylight Time: 11 am, British Summer Time: 5 pm, Korea Standard Time: 9:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time: 8 am, Indian Standard Time: 11:30 pm, Australian Eastern Time: 11:30 am, New York Time: 8:00 am, and Singapore Time: 11:30 pm.

When Will Lookism Chapter 461 Spoilers Be Released?

Lookism Chapter 461 Spoilers will be released on 7th August 2023, Monday.

When Will Lookism Chapter 461 Raw Scans Be Released?

Lookism Chapter 461 raw scans will be released on 7th August 2023, Monday.

What Rating Does Lookism Chapter 461 Receive?

Lookism Chapter 461 has received a rating of 7.5 in anime format and 7.9 in manga format. This rating is taken from MyAnimeList.

What Happened In Lookism Chapter 461?

In Lookism Chapter 461, we saw that Daniel and Jin have some complexity in their relationship. They are half-brothers. Jack is the father of Eli Jang and Yenna. He is in dilemma whether to fight r not. If he fights, he can give his daughter a more comfortable future. The complications increase. Stay tuned for more information about the story on our website anime episode. pro.


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