Lupin III’s one of the famous anime. Daisuke Jigen is a character that Tetsuji Tamayama plays. The character he played in Lupin III will be played again in a live-action film, Jigen Daisuke. This article will share every detail about Jigen’s live-action character. Keep reading for more information.

Lupin III Character

Lupin III Character In New Live-Action Film

Lupin III has a famous character by the name of Jigen. Tetsuji Tamayama will repeat the role of Lupin III’s character, Daisuke Jigen. The character will debut in the live-action film named Jigen Daisuke. The movie will be debuted on Amazon Prime Video. The date of release is 13th October. The story is based on a loyal and cool Monkey Punch Manga character. The video of the new live-action film has been released. This will give you a glimpse of the new character. Let us have details about live-action film, Jigen Daisuke.

Jigen Daisuke’s Teaser:

If you have not watched the latest video of Jigen Daisuke, you can watch it below:

When Will Jigen Daisuke Be Released?

Jigen Daisuke will be released on 13th October 2023. Fans are excited about the release. the time for the release has not been mentioned yet. People are also curious about the platform where the movie will release.

Where Will Jigen Daisuke Be Released?

Jigen Daisuke will be released on Amazon Prime Video. The wait has come to an end. We will share more details about the fan’s response after the release of Jigen Daisuke. The action film will be produced with the original story. The story shows the search of Jigen for the world’s greatest Gunsmith. The script is written by Yoshimasa Akamatsu. It is directed by Hajime Hashimoto. The early role of Jigen Daisuku was played by Tamayama in live-action in 2014. He believes that Lupin III where he performed the role of Jaisen Daisuke is a more adult atmosphere film. It is better than the previous ones. He is looking forward to the next film. Let us conclude the above.


Jigen Daisuke’s character from Lupin III will be reprised. Tetsuji Tamayama will play the character. Jigen Daisuke will release on 13th October 2023. The story focuses on Jigen Daisuke going in the search of greatest gunsmith. Fans are excited about the release. This was all about Jigen Daisuke’s character reprised. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite manga anime. Stay tuned for more information on our website.


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