Madam Chapter 38 Release Date, Time, English Manhwa and Raw Manhwa: There are many webtoons and mangas available to read but still, our hearts only go to the one which we are already following. For example “Madam” this webtoon is currently ruling over the hearts of those readers who are showing their interest in reading it. People are searching for this manhwa with many alternative names related to the title. Surely, this manhwa has something which is pulling the attention of people and they came here to know the details of it. Follow For More Updates!

Madam Chapter 38

Madam Chapter 38 Release Date

But one thing which we personally feel is that it is tough to get the details of it as there are many ongoing series, manhwa, and manga available to read, and each one is getting much praised by the fans. This manhwa is covering 4 genres such as action, drama, historical, and romance as of now it has released 37 chapters of it and the curiosity of getting the details of Chapter 38 brings you here. This is quite popular among people and that is why it is getting 9.4 ratings. It is necessary to know the synopsis of any webtoon before jumping into it.

Madam Chapter 38 English Manhwa and Raw Manhwa

As we mentioned above it is set up in a historical theme where the protagonist Dolse is the main character of the story. He is a poor boy who is just 13 years old and came to a kingdom. This kingdom is under the control of General Kwak Sung and Dolse is now his servant. He is happy with the thought that at least now he will get the food to eat and he doesn’t need to think about it. Everything is smooth but only her mother is the thing that makes him upset.

His mother told him that he sole be able to watch her when he becomes a good and responsible person. He was just 13 years old and that is why he was not able to do hard work. Due to that, he was employed as the servant of Sohee. Sohee is the younger daughter of General. Dolse and other servants who were his age used to play together with Sohee. Apart from Dolse, the 12-years-old pupil, Yeoreum is also the servant of Sohee. She was in her last year of training.

All 3 servants became good pals and used to play together. After watching them playing Sohee who is the daughter of General also began to play with them and they all become good friends and share a powerful bond. As the story progresses it gets more complicated. So it is better to read it on its official website of it. The release date is not announced yet but we are trying to find it. As soon as we get it we will update here.


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