Hatsuharu's A Girl & Her Guard Dog

Manga Anime: Hatsuharu’s A Girl & Her Guard Dog Gets TV in 2023

Manga Anime: Hatsuharu’s A Girl & Her Guard Dog Gets TV in 2023: This website is particularly for those who want a single platform where they get the details of the upcoming anime series. Our website will never disappoint our readers and tries to give all the possible details that we gather so far. Today in our box we are taking out the information about another upcoming Television anime. On Monday, 10th October 2022, many makers unveiled the details of their upcoming projects and out of these we are talking about a new TV series “Hatsuharu’s A Girl & Her Guard Dog”. As per the latest report, Pony Canyon declared on Monday that HAG&HGD manga is finally getting a TV anime adaptation in the year 2023.

Hatsuharu's A Girl & Her Guard Dog

Many mangas are getting television adaptations these days and this is one of those mangas that is now getting an anime adaptation. On Monday, Pony shares the teaser and the poster of the TV series. Kodansha USA Publishing is launching the manga in the English language digitally and the publication explains the series as “Isaku (the character in the series) never asked to be the offspring of a yakuza boss, but life is unpredictable and her parents passed away in a fatal car accident and at that time she just was 5 years old.”

It further added that “The grandfather of Isaku who is a gangster took her in and brought up her as part of their clan. Her schooling was not good as she want and she was being avoided by her classmates due to the ties of her family. she finally set out to make her debut in high school and desired to live a normal and common life and who knows she get love…but here is a pause, her loyal family servant a dedicated guardian of Isaku enters high school right along with her. The name of her servant is Keiya who is 26 years old.

“The servant takes the oath to protect her from every problem which will eventually affect her high school life. Now she has got a pistol-wielding savior, chain-smoking and so on”. Now it will really interesting to watch what this young girl does. As per the details, Kodansha will issue or publish the 8th volume of the manga in the country of Japan on Thursday. As of now we just only got this many details but our sources are trying to collect more details of this upcoming segment but it will take some time. Till then you can enjoy the teaser and just wait for its release.


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