Manga: Fūfu Kōkan Gets AnimeFesta TV Anime: A new animation is ready for the amusement of the audience and the announcement of this new segment has been informed on Friday, 15th October 2022. The latest report of Suiseisha declared that “(Marriage Exchange: Amazing Extramarital Sex Compared to My Husband” by Peter Mitsuru is an adult-type anime that is based on the extramarital affair of the characters. Those who love to watch this kind of concept will surely love this. On Friday, it is stated that this adult manga is getting an AnimeFesta adaptation that will be telecast on TV. Not only on TV but it will also stream on the web. The title of this anime adaption is “Fufu Kokan”.

Storyline And Release Date Of Marriage Exchange: Amazing Extramarital Sex Compared To My Husband

The title is already making it clear what we will be going to watch in this anime adaptation. If you love to watch the story of extramarital affairs then this anime is for you. The story of this manga revolves around 2 married duos who have been pals since they were in college. The 2 duos got to a hot spring altogether as they planned for a double date and accidentally get engaged in a “marriage exchange”.

The one compiled volume of the manga will launch on Friday, 18th November 2022. The fans are excited to watch this and want to know more about it. However, the makers did not disclose many details about this series. The same programming block of AnimeFesta debuted in the month of April 2017. This anime program changes its name many times. There are many anime series available that have 2 different versions: a “telecast” version in this a censored version telecast on the small screen) and a “premium” which is an uncensored version divided on the web.

This series has a manga version which is quite adult and not meant for kids and it seems like the anime version is also an adult one. So it is better to not show such anime to your kids but the storyline are giving a vibe that the adult will surely love it as they are always looking forward when it comes to a se*ual type of content. The makers have not released many details about it. The fans need to wait to know the details of the star cast and more details of its streaming. Till then show your love to our website and be with us.


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