Manga: Hina Change’s Gaku Kajikawa Launches in November: If you are bored of reading the old manga series and now you are looking to read something new. Then you would not need to wait much as a new announcement has been made which is in the favor of the readers. As per the latest report, On Thursday, 27th October 2022, The December issue of “Dengeki Daioh” of Kadokawa magazine declared that Gaku Kajikawa the famous manga creator will introduce a new manga titled “Daddy’s Sexy Dolls” in the issue of the magazine which will be launched in the month of January 2023.

Hina Change's Gaku Kajikawa

The new manga will be carried out on Sunday, 26th November 2022. The manga creator, Kajikawa made the official announcement of the magazine through a Tweet. People are now resharing the tweet and it gets many views and comments as well which is a clear sign that they are getting desperate to read it as we know if things work well the audience will be able to get the anime version. However, that will happen in the future as of now the readers are ready to read it. The title of the new manga is quite catchy and pulls our interest as well getting our attention towards it.

Storyline Of “Daddy’s Sexy Dolls”

As per our research, it is a human drama manga and the storyline of the series revolves around the character whose name is Riona. She is a beautiful young woman who just only has a father as she lost her mother at a small age and due to that she is looking for affection and love which she never gets. In order to aid her around the house, her father bought a maid robot that is emotionless and he named the robot Forty.

Her father brought the maid robot to his house and both the girls began living together and began getting to know new things about each other. Both began to share a special bond together…But what will happen next? The answer to this question we will get only after its release of it. The manga creator has high expectations from it and even the readers have the same expectations. How the audience will react can only be gotten to know after its release.

Apart from it, the manga creator, Kajikawa introduced another manga “Hina Change” on Shonen Jump+ in the Japanese language in the month of June 2019. The series was released in the English language as well in the same month and it is available to read on MANGA Plus. The 1st compiled book volume of the manga was carried in the country of Japan in the month of November 2019. Now readers are desperate to read this new manga and we are also waiting to give reviews to this manga.


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