Manga: Inio Asano’s Downfall Gets Live-Action Film on March 17, 2023: Hey entertainment lovers! We are having a piece of really exciting news to share which definitely makes you happy. If you are an entertainment lover just like us and always looking forward to watching live-action movies then this news is only for you. As per the latest viral report, The manga of Inio Asano titled “Downfall” is inspiring and encouraging a live-action movie adaptation that will open in the country of Japan on 17th March 2023. By the next year, the watchers have many options to watch which makes your entire year backed as many announcements of upcoming projects have been made and many are already in the lines and no doubt people will get confused about what to watch or not.

Inio Asano's Downfall

In this live-action movie, Takumi Saitou will play the main role whose name is Kaoru Fukusawa who is a manga creator. Other than that Shuri will play the role of the prostitute name Chifuyu whom Kaoru meets. According to the reports, MEGUMI will feature Nozomi Machida, who will be seen as the wife of Kaoru and the manga editor. The direction of the film is in the hands of the director Naoto Takenaka. The position of screenplay is handled by Yutaka Kuramochi and the producer of the film is Django Film. The distributors are Happinet Phantom Studio and Nikkatsu. Miracle Voice is taking care of advertising.

Asano drew an illustration of Chifuyu in order to celebrate the announcement of the movie which is mentioned in the blog. The license of this manga get by Viz Media and it explains the story which “In this whole realistic news into the industry of manga, trading copies is the only thing which really matters and requires. So what if your 1st series just concluded and you are running short of the idea of how to begin the next one, your wedding is falling apart, and your pure and true love of manga has been shattered and destroyed by the cruel reality of this industry and nothing looked to fill the getting void inside you… Discover the secret combo for a new and later hit manga series and soon everything will be fine. I guess?

In the month of March 2017, Asano introduced the manga in the semimonthly seinen manga magazine, Big Comic Superior, and concluded in the month of July 2017. The single compiled book of the manga was issued in the month of November 2017. Asano will also introduce the new manga in “Big Comic Superior” magazine of Shogakukan in the month of March 2023.


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