Manga: Sweat and Soap’s Kintetsu Yamada Launched: It is always exciting to read or watch new drama and Japanese illustrator knows how the catch the eyeballs of readers, if things work well the makers will think about creating anime. As of now, let’s find out which manga is releasing and when. On Thursday, 27th October 2022, this year’s 48th issue of Morning Magazine of Kodansha disclosed that Kintetsu Yamada is releasing a new manga titled “Telework Gossip” in the next issue of the magazine on Wednesday, 2nd November 2022. The genre of this series is romantic, comedy and it follows the story of a man who is doing work from home (WFH).

Sweat and Soap's Kintetsu Yamada

He has plenty of time or we can say there is no one who can keep eye on him so he has more free time in the meantime, he got to know about his neighbor who is female. As of now, no more details of the storyline are out and the readers need to wait to know more about it. But these 2 lines are enough to develop the interest of the people and there is no doubt that people can easily get relate themselves with it. As most of us are now doing work from home after the pandemic and most firms are these days providing WFH to employees.

Not only the makers, but the readers are also excited to read it and want to have more and more details about this manga. Yamada introduced Sweat and Soap in Morning and D Morning magazines of Kodansha in the year 2018 and concluded the series in the month of January 2021. The 11th and last compiled volume of the manga shipped in the month of May 2021. According to the reports, the manga got the latest and new chapter in the short story of the Yamada collection book that was carried out on 21st January 2022. As we stated that series is encouraging and inspiring a live-action series in “Drama Tokku” of MBS in the programming block in the month of February.

International viewers are always worried about the thought of whether they will be able to watch or read it or not and for that there are many publishing firms are there who published manga in the English language. This time as well Kodansha USA the publishing firm published the manga in the English language. Apart from it, Yamada marked the debut of a new manga online titled “Kasane to Subaru”. This manga was launched last year and now the readers are showing their interest in this upcoming manga. For more such updates be connected with this website as it will help you to get the details of all upcoming anime and manga series.


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