MAPPA Declared Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill Novels Get TV Anime in January: One more novel is ready to mark its debut as an anime. On Saturday, 29th October 2022, MAPPA declared that it is producing a TV anime adaptation of the light novel series of Red Eguchi and comic artist Masa’s “Campfire Cooking In Another World With My Abusrd Skill. The light novel got appreciation from the side of readers and now they are quite excited to watch this series in the anime version. This anime will launch on Tokyo TV as well as other channels in the month of January 2023. Apart from it, MAPPA also shares the details of the star casts of anime.


The Star Casts Of Upcoming Anime which is planned to release in January 2023 are mentioned below:-

  • The Japanese Voice Actor Yuma Uchida gives his voice to the character named Mukouda Tsuyoshi
  • After that Satoshi Hino is giving voice to the animal character which name is Fel
  • Hina Kino is giving voice to the weird character whose name is Sui

As of now, only this many details are known related to the star casts but as soon as we get any new details we will update this section accordingly. These series are having brilliant staff and crew members who know how to hook the audience with their seats and makers have high expectations. The direction of this series is in the hands of the director Kiyoshi Matsuda at MAPPA. Michiko Yokote is overwatching the series scripts, and Nao Otsu is adapting the animation of the original character designs of Masa. Masato Koda, Kuricorder Quartet, and Kana Utatade are composing the music in this anime.

The details of the other staff members are mentioned below:-

  • Sara Sakoe, Nao Otsu, the directors of Cheif Animation
  • Hisako Akagi is an Art Director
  • Chikako Kamata is handling the position of Color Key
  • Sound Production is in the hands of Dugout
  • Kumiko Taniguchi is taking care of Special Effects
  • Go Sadamatsu is handling the Editing
  • The Sound Director of the anime series is Kisuke Koizumi
  • Director Of Photography is in the hands of Saho Sawada

J-Novel Club is launching both the manga adaptation of K Akagishi and the light novel series in the English language and the publishing firm is explaining the storyline, The main character of the series is Tsuyoshi Mukoda was nothing special in modern Japan, so when he was sent for to a globe of sorcery and swordplay, he thought he was ready for the exploit of a lifetime. To know more just wait for the release. In the year 2016, Eguchi began releasing the novels on the website name “Shosetsu ni Naro”.


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