Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110 Release Date, Time, Raw Scan English Spoiler: There are many mangas available to read and most of them are quite long. Out of them, we will talk about “Mercenary Enrollment” and the raw scan of Chapter 110. This series is about a character named Ijin who underwent tough and harsh training and served as a high-class mercenary for 8 years, working in the harshest and toughest battlefields throughout the globe. After some time, at the time of the rescue mission, he saved an RoK major Kang Hamchan, a doctor Andrian Ken and the team of Kang. Later on. Kang Hamchan traced the family of Ijin and aided him to retire.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110 Release Date, Time, Raw Scan English Spoiler

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 110 Raw Scan English Spoiler

Now as per the latest raw scan, Ijin has reached the location and he is ready to confront Kim Inbae who is a Congressman. He would not sit until they will pay whatever they did. The upcoming 110 Chapter resumes with Ijin’s confronting Kim. After that Cha Dusik is coming to meet Kim, the congressman. He has collected his mind for this mission whereas Ijin is also going towards the same location. Kim had the leader of the gang of the area under his hand and this time he is using his men in this altercation.

Though they continued to share the bad and sad news about getting failed at tasks and not only this Dusik approached and asked them. Luckily, Ijin reaches the place early as he can and uses the easiest and most convenient ways to break into the home. Battling men would be making him lose his time so he goes in for the missing he actually came here. Scroll down to know the Release date of the upcoming chapter of the manga. Scroll down to know more and more details.

The Release Date Of Chapter 110 Of Mercenary Enrollment

Ijin handled the situation very well and Dusik reached the location late as no work to do as Ijin already resolve it. Now the next part which is really fascinating to watch that how will things change inside the office. As per reports, this time as well there is no break in releasing Chapter 110 official scans in the country of Korea and it will be published on Sunday, 13th November 2022. On the same, the chapters of 2 other manga are released Blue Lock 196 and One Piece 1066.

Those who are thinking about the translated version of this upcoming chapter of ME will be shared by many fans on a similar say. For the 2nd time as well, Ijin has to fight with the wrong person. Last time, Ijin had been analogously merciful since their kids were engaged, though this time he won’t know that things have already been planned by Congressman Kim.


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