Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 111 Release Date, Time, and, Where To Read: Now, this article is particularly for those who want to know the release date of the upcoming chapter 111 of Mercenary Enrollment. So read it carefully if you want to know more about it. The readers are always looking to know when a new chapter is coming as the publishers usually leave the series at the edge from where they can start a new chapter of the series. Mercenary Enrollement is already one of the most famous weekly Manhwa which is based on military themes. It is penned by YC and Rak Hyun handled the department of illustration and there is no doubt in saying that he performed his work very well.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 111

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 111 Overview

His illustration gives us the vibe that the characters are real and it helps us to get in the flow of the storyline. This series has been started last year on 6th November 2020 Studio JHS begin the production and Navar Series takes care of the distribution. The fans really enjoyed it and also suggest their friends read it. Apparently, the magazine was taken over by Naver Webtoon which is a Korean website for publishing wonderful comic novels. Anyways talking about this series, the series has published 110 chapters so far which shows how much people loved it, and now they want to know when the new chapter is releasing.

Release Date and Time Of Chapter 111 Of Mercenary Enrollement

The new chapter of this series is already released on Sunday, 20th November 2022, and fans already reading it. But there are many readers who have read it yet and surely want to know more about it. Chapter 111 was released on 20th November at around 12:00 AM, KST. The rest of the release timing ar mentioned below:-

  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 09:00 AM, Sunday, 20th November 2022
  • Central Daylight Time (CDT): 11:00 AM, Sunday, 20th November 2022
  • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 12:00 PM, Sunday, 20th November 2022
  • British Summer Time (BST): 05:00 PM, Sunday, 20th November 2022

Reviews Of Chapter 111 Of Mercenary Enrollement

Yu Ijin returned in his form again after several chapters and it is a feast for the eyes. Chapter 111 resumes what Ijin decided to do with Kin Inbae. Earlier we read that he takes care of all the men of him. The children of Kim Inbae were still hung up on the fact that both of them had to lose their pals and children and after that, he was forced to live alone. Children were still fractious about their apprenticeship. Hence their mum tells them that their father had promised to look after the individual who made them similar to aka Ijin. Children get hope and believe that their father can do this…To know more just go and read it on your own.


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