Migi And Dali are back with some new characters. The new video showed some new faces. This article will provide complete information about Migi and Dali anime’s new characters. Keep reading for more information.

Migi & Dali Anime's

Migi And Dali’s New Opening Song

There is a new promotional video that is being circulated of Migi and Dali. The video was released on Sunday. This video has shown different anime and their premiere date the Migi And Dali. There will be a new opening theme song. This song will be performed by the singer and songwriter, Sorau and singer, rib. The song has been released. With the release of the song, Sorau, and Rib have become a part of the Migi and Dali staff family. If you haven’t watched the video. You can watch the video below.

Migi And Dali Anime New Video:

You can watch the new video of Migi and Dali below:




The anime is developed at Geek Toys. They are also the sound director of the series. They take care of the scripts. The production has been taken care of by Comp Town. The chief animation director is Ayumi Nishibata. Hiroko Sebu is composing the music. The main question among the people is about the cast of Migi and Dali. Let us have details about the cast of Migi and Dali.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Migi And Dali?

The Cast members of Migi And Dali are:

mamoru Enomoto who is working as Assistant Director. Emi Honda, Takayo Mitsuwaka, and Nozomi Fuji are working as designers of all the clothes. The props are designed by Color And Smile. Food design is by Recommendation. Art is taken care of by Kiya Hirayoshi and directed by Risa Wakabayahi. The color settings are by Haruko Nobori, 3D Director is Kohei Ogawa. Mika Watanabe is the director of photography. Masahiro Goto is the editing director. Flying Dog is the music producer, Naoto Yamatni has given sound effects, and Bit Groove Promotion is responsible for Sound Production.

Who Is Staring In The Anime Migi And Dali?

The main star of Migi And Dali is Shun Horie who is working as Migi, Ayumu Murase is playing as Dali, Shintaro Asanuma is playing as Shunpei Akiyama, Shunsuke Takeuchi is playing as Maruta Tsutsumi, and Kengo Kawanishi is playing as Eiji Ichijo. The manga was launched in Kadokawa’s Harta magazine in July 2017. Stay tuned for more information on our website.


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