Miu Suzuki Gets Live-Action ‘And Yet, You Are So Sweet’ Film: It seems like many announcements have been made today which is enough to bring a smile to the face of the watchers. After back-to-back details of the upcoming anime projects, we are present here to notify our readers the new member has joined the cast of the live-action movie and the fans of this actress are really happy to see her on the screen soon. Who is joining and which movie we are talking about, you must be thinking about it right? No need to get worried as we will share all the details in this particular article which will surely give the answers to your questions.

Miu Suzuki

According to the reports, On Wednesday, 26th October 2022, the official website for the film whose genre is live-action disclosed that Miu Suzuki recently joins the cast of the “Yet, You Are So Sweet” manga created by Kujira Anan. She gets an entry in the film as the high school girl Momo, an admirer of Chigira. She and her mate Chigira’s admirer Hina aim every day in order to support Chigira on the track team. In the spite of their indifference to Chigira, Momo fetches napkins for him after his practice, and not only this, she also comes up on his competition in order to cheer him on. She is really a big fan of his and is always there for him.

The role of the main heroine of this film plays by Maaya Kisaragi whereas Naniwa Danshi idol unit member Kyohei Takahashi is cast in this film and plays the role of Sui Chigira. Apart from them, the other cast members of this movie include Yumena Yanai who is playing the role of Hina, Rihito Itagaki playing the role of the character named Soma Tezuka, and Riko playing the role of the character Chika Obara. There are many people are there who are looking to know the release date of the film and if you are one of those, then scroll down to know about it.

Release Date Of Yet, You Are So Sweet

As per the earlier announcement, the movie will premiere on Friday, 3rd March 2023 in the country of Japan. This movie is constructed under the direction of Takehiko Shinjo and the script of this series was written by Haruka Okita. The distributor of the movie is Shochiku. The manga of this series is licensed by Kodansha USA Publishing and it launched in digital format. This film is the adaptation of the manga and explains the manga as:-

The 16-years-old, Maaya Kisaragi, ultimately confessed or shares her feelings with her crush…solely to be flatly ridiculed and rejected on social media platforms after. Not only this but in order to make matters worse, the most famous boy in her school whose name is Chigira-kun, hears her dejected whispering about the entire thing.


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