My Master Has No Tail Episode 6 Release Date, Time, And, Countdown: ‘My master has no tail’ new episode is set to be released this weekend. There is a lot of anime and a lot of them are very popular too but ‘My master has no tail’ is playing a different game in all. It originated from manga series which was written by TNSK. It is a fantasy comedy and depicts a lot about the historical background of Japan. The story is portrayed around a tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog) girl, mameda who changes her outer appearance into a human girl with dark black and lustrous hair. She then moves to the city of Osaka in Japan. The story describes a lot about the Taisho era in Japan (July 1912 to December 1926). Here she wanted to learn Rakugo (a form of storytelling) because she wants to trick humans. She then met a woman, who was very experienced in Rakugo. She tells Mameda that she can influence humans through her words. It is not necessary to use illusions as humans are becoming smart day by day.

My Master Has No Tail Episode 6 Release Date

My Master Has No Tail Episode 6 Spoiler

Since the Taisho era, the world has evolved a lot. Earlier, there were very less sources of Entertainment. At that time, rakugo was one of the popular ways of entertainment in Japan. Now, there are a lot of ways to entertain. With the coming of the Internet, the entertainment industry has taken a boost that was never expected. Earlier, it was very hard for an artist to show their talent and skill and reach out to people.  With the use of the internet, reaching people is just a click away. Many independent artists are showing themselves on social media platforms and entertaining the huge crowd by getting their attention.

When “My Master Has No Tail’ episode 6 will release?

The episode will release on 4th November 2022, Friday. The time for release is 10:30 P.M. Japan Standard Time. Indian viewers can watch the new episode at 7:00 P.M. Indian Standard Time, on 3rd November 2022, Thursday. There will be 13 episodes in total. Each Episode will release at the said time.

Where we can watch “My Master Has No Tail Episode 6”?

The episode will first release on the local Japanese networks. Thus, it will be available on Tokyo MX, BS Asani, and other local networks for Japanese residents. For all other Asian Residents, It will be available on Ani One Asia on YouTube. You can watch it for free on the above-mentioned sources. It will be very exciting to watch what the upcoming episodes and episode 6 will bring in and where the story routes. All Fans are really keen and waiting eagerly for the new releases!


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