My Sister’s Friends Chapter 46

My Sister’s Friends Chapter 46 Release Date, Time, English Manhwa and Raw Scan

My Sister’s Friends Chapter 46 Release Date, Time, English Manhwa and Raw Scan: Illustrators and manhwa always considered youth first and they created their work on the basis of what happening around us. That is why people love to read it and many of the usual show their interest in it. One such English Manhwa is currently winning the heart of readers and the title of this series is “My Sister’s Freind“. As of now it has released 46 chapters and now the fans want to know the raw scan of this chapter and for that, they are searching many websites. If you also want to know the same then you don’t need to go anywhere and just keep reading it.

My Sister’s Friends Chapter 46

My Sister’s Friends Chapter 46 Release Date

Before sharing the details of the raw scan of the 46th chapter, let’s have a look at the synopsis of it. This manhwa is written by Snow and the illustrator is Yoo Wol. The series is showing the story of Woo Do-min who is a good student preparing for the civil examination and is distracted by the pals of his sister. His sister’s friends usually visit home and one day he fell in love with a girl named Seon-Hwa, who serves at the flower shop. He does not understand how he expresses his feelings and decided to take the help of his sister. The tale starts with the break up of woo do-min sister’s friends.

My Sister’s Friends Chapter 46 English Manhwa and Raw Scan

After that, we share information the some of the main characters of this manhwa which reads:-

Sun Chae-rin is an office worker who loves to consume too much alcohol
Woo do-min who treated like a worker by his sister and her pals as well
Yoon Min-ah Woo Do-min’s Noona is unemployed. She herself is not interested in doing the job but she acts like she wants a job. The main reason is not doing work is that she is quite a lazy person.

Recap Of The 45th Chapter Of My Sister’s Freinds

Woo do-min and Min-ha talking about their memories and fun. Meanwhile, Min-ha thinks that it is the right time to share her feelings with Woo do-min. Though the fear of rejection is still disturbing her as she does not want to get rejected at the hands of Woo do-min. She can’t lose her friend. But after a lot of courage, she decides to confess her feelings but she got surprised when Woo do-min did the same thing and confesses her love.

Now both began to date each other. Though somewhere both are feeling scared in order to show their love relationship to his sister and his sister’s friend. After that Seon-Hwa discovers Min-ha and Woo do-min holding hands and asked if he wants to give flowers or bouquets to his girlfriend. But innocent Min-Ha thinks that Seon-Hwa trying to propose to her…

Raw Manhwa of Chapter 46 Of My Sister’s Freinds

Both English and Korean Translated chapters will release on the same day. Though Chapter 46 raw is not issued yet as soon as publishers will release it we will update it here.


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