Nanashi Kaidan’s horror anime’s new promo has been revealed. People are curious to know more about anime shorts. This article will share complete details about Nanashi Kaidan Horror Anime Shorts’ new promotional video. keep reading for more information.

Nanashi Kaidan

Nanashi Kaidan Promotional Video

The new video of Nanshi Kaidan has been released. It is a promotional video. Many are liking the anime’s new promotional video. You can watch it below if you have not watched it yet:




The video was streamed on Tuesday. Voice artist, Iori Noguchi will also be a part of Nanashi Kaiden and will be giving voice to a character. Iori was also a part of the LOVE Idol Group. This is a short anime. It is a new concept in which the episodes of the anime are of shorter duration. There will be short horror stories. Let us have details about the release date of the anime new episodes.

When Will Horror Short Anime’s New Episodes Be Released?

The new episodes of Horror Short anime will release on 7th August 2023, Tuesday till 11 August 2023, Tuesday. Along with the release date, let us have a look at the release time of the series.

What Time Will Horror Short Anime Be Released?

The Horror Short anime will release at 7:05 am Japan Standard Time te time zones will be different according to different time zones.

Where Will Horror Short Anime Be Released?

Horror Short Anime will release on TV TOKYO and TV TOKYO Six. They have six affiliate channels. Let us have details about the cast of the series.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Horror Short Anime?

The cast members of the horror short anime are Subaru Kimura playing Mukuroji Ko, Yoshiro Aoyama playing Bon, and Madoka Asahina playing Koko. The anime was released in August 2020 and had 10 episodes in it. The character designs are being taken by Tokyo Animation College. Let us conclude the above.


Nanashi Kaidan Horror anime shorts has released a new promotional video. people are eager to know more about the video. if you have not watched that video yet, you can have the link above. The wait has come to an end. The new episode release date has also been announced. The new anime will release on 7th August 2023, Monday. The time for the same is 7:05 am. We keep bringing such details on our website about your favorite manga and anime. Stay tuned for more information on our website anime episode.


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