Netflix Crossed 2.41 Million Subscribers Globally In the 3rd Quarter: In the middle of this year, we heard the news of the downfall in the number of subscribers on Netflix. After that Netflix made many changes which include changes in the number of users who can watch the series a single time with a single subscription. Netflix changes this policy and now only 1 person can use this OTT platform a single time with a single subscription. Now it seems like this strategy worked and Netflix gets succeeded in increasing subscribers to the platform. This is marked as the first increase this year, and this announcement was made yesterday.


On Tuesday, 18th October 2022, the giant streaming platform declared that it has added around 2.41 million subscribers to its platform in the 3rd quarter of this year (2022) after being deprived of 200,000 subscribers in the 1st quarter of 2022, and in the 2nd quarter the streaming service lost 970,000 subscribers. Netflix has now recorded a total number of 223.09 million subscribers throughout the world, along with the calculated additional numbers of 4.50 million subscribers in the 4th and the last quarter of 2022.

The firm recorded around US$7.926 billion in credits in the 3rd quarter, which is around 5.9% annual growth. The operating earnings of US$1.533 billion and other than that the net income of the firm is US$1.398 million. The firm noted US$3.10 in adulterated incomes per share for the quadrant. The firm also mentioned that it has created a “thoughtful and wise approach to revenue-generates account sharing” that it will start executing in more nations early by the next year.

Netflix also added that it will permit those sharing accounts with other individuals to drift their recommendations and settings of Netflix to their own streaming account. The streaming service previously informed in the month of March that the firm is testing a new and latest payment model for its users who desire to share their accounts between different and separate family members, and citing in the month of May that the firm was planning to “clampdown” on password sharing between the users of this platform.

Not only this the firm is introducing its latest and new promotional-supported “Basic with Ads” subscription category in the month of November in many countries which includes Canada, France, the United States, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Korea, and Spain. Mexico, Germany, and Brazil, a move that the firm 1st thinking about in the month of April. The streaming service declared that it fired around 300 workers from the firm due to the workforce. Netflix executed an increase in the price of subscription plans in Canada and the United States at the start of 2022.


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