New Manga To Be Launched In November By Tsutomu Ōno: Today manga is popular not only in Japan but also all around the world. Earlier it used to be available only in Japanese style but now it’s available in different styles and languages and has been spread in different countries around the world.

Tsutomu Ōno

Tsutomu ono, a popular manga artist, will launch their new manga ‘Kishi Danchau no Elf-san Datte Otome ga Shitai’ in the 22nd issue of Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine, shipping on November 4, 2022.

The manga is portrayed around Gilga. A dual personality who has a different appearance than her personality. She appears to be cool and amazing but personality wise and from her heart, she is a maiden.

It will be exciting to see what this 22nd issue of Young Gangan brings in for the readers. The new series has already shown a lot of craze among manga readers. A lot of tweets are coming on tweeter about its launch.

Ono has been an artist for ‘The Tiger & Bunny the Movie: The beginning’ in which a superpowered hero fights crime. It was published by Kadokawa Shoten, japan’s first compiled book volume. Its first volume was published in September 2012 and the second volume was published in February 2013.

Square Enix whose earlier name was square Enix holdings was Japanese video games, anime, and manga production. It produced many popular comics that were later collected in paperback volumes with different brand names and one of them is Young Gangan Comics.

Earlier mangas were available only in paperback format but now as the world is digitalizing, Manga is available in digital format also. With this digitization, manga’s market in Japan only was valued at 612.6 billion yen following the North American market valued at $250 million.

Now Web manga is increasing and anyone using image hosting sites can upload their work for free. Pixiv is known to be the most popular site for all amateur and professional artists showing their work in the same black-and-white format. One punch man is the best example of an amateur journey to become a professional manga writer.

Around the world also, Webtoons are becoming a famous way where a reader can buy a single chapter also instead of buying the whole book. Doraemon a popular character among children, was the first manga to be published in the Philippines in the Filipino language.

Manga will always be a craze among people of different ages and countries.


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