One Piece Chapter 1063 Spoilers, Release Date, Time, Countdown: Whenever we hear about the release of any anime or manga the first thing which clicks our mind is its release date and the 2nd thing which forces us to search is the spoilers of the upcoming episodes or chapters. Ever since the fans got to know about the release of the upcoming chapter of “One Piece Chapter 1063” they are searching for the initial spoilers of the series. You can expect a lot of drama in the upcoming episode of the series. OP already shares the teaser of the upcoming chapter which are showing the Blackbeard Pirates and Trafalgar Law.

One Piece Chapter 1063

The Brief Summary of The Spoilers Of One Piece Chapter 1063

Prior to talking about the spoilers of the upcoming chapter, here is an important update from the current cover story of Chapter 1063. The cover story reads that “On the cover, we watch that Cracker is frozen and Brulee is sobbing. Brulee states Pudding has been abducted.” Cracker is a strong and powerful menace, so taking him is a quite tough job to do. Several readers have already made their own theories related to the upcoming chapter and they speculated that Aokiji is presently going to Whole Cake Island at present.

The Blackbeard Pirates are very significant in the upcoming chapter 1063 of OP so they will likely require Devil Fruit powers of pudding in order to ready any type of Road Poneglyphs. Chapter number 1063 begins with a fast update related to Luffy and the rest of the crew who are still checking the lab of Vegapunk. They conclude up adjusting with some gadgets or devices along the avenue.


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